I have had way too many car accidents. What type of car should I get in the future to minimize losses in damag

I have had way too many car accidents. What type of car should I get in the future to minimize losses in damag Topic: Another case solved bonus cases
July 17, 2019 / By Anani
Question: I always wanted to get a better car, but now after witnessing and being involved in so many accidents, I regret to say that I will never buy that dream car that I always wanted or even. Also, insurance rates are higher for better. What brand and model of car should I get in order to not have to worry about the event of an accident or too much of heavy insurance. Every time I get into an accident, I suffer a huge loss. My car is worthless after an accident and in this heavy traffic community, accidents happen all the time.
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Topsie Topsie | 4 days ago
It doesn't take much of an accident to total a car. Just drive cheap $500 clunkers. When you get in a crash or it breaks down, get rid of it and get another. Bonus: you save big on insurance. And like the others say, clearly SOMETHING is going on that's causing you to be in all these accidents. There's some way that you think when you're driving, that causes these accidents to happen to you. Yes I know the cops/insurance say you're "not at fault", by the way they measure fault, that may be true. But clearly that's not working for you, or you wouldn't be asking! So yeah, you need to seek out some sort of driving "guru" that can help in cases like yours. I hesitate to recommend "defensive driving school" because most of them SUCK, and in California anyway most of them are those silly traffic schools you take to get out of a ticket. You need on-the-road/track education. This won't be solved by people talking at you. You might also consider going to racing school, because they think quite differently about driving. Anything to snap you out of your current frame-of-mind, which as you say, seems to get you in a lot of wrecks.
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Ryana Ryana
I have been driving for twenty years in very high traffic communities -- Los Angeles and Chicago -- and I haven't had an accident in eighteen of those years. I'll get right to the point: you shouldn't be thinking about what kind of car will minimize your losses; you should be thinking about how to become a much better driver, and where to park your car (hint: not on the street!) to keep it from getting hit while parked. Finally, you should also be purchasing full coverage for your car instead of liability only, and from a reputable company -- that way, you won't suffer a huge loss when your car is totalled. Still, I suspect you won't believe me when I say it's your driving habits that are the problem. So, try this: only buy crappy used cars that cost less than $2,000. That way, your losses per accident on the car itself are limited to the $2000 or less you paid out, and if the car dies before you total it, you just buy another one. Ten used cars at $2,000 each equals one new car at $20,000.
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Nelly Nelly
Either a Volkswagen Beetle or a Saturn would keep repair costs low at least in the event of lower spped collisions as the body panels are made of plastic composite materials that can withstand an impact and return to their original shape without specialized bodywork
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Love Love
Since you have alot of accidents, I recommend that you get some serious driving training to help you minimize your chances of an accident. Sometimes police departments will offer this type of training. I know that you know how to drive, but sometimes you learn how to drive differently by going thru this type of training.
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