Should I go back to school for Precision Machining?

Should I go back to school for Precision Machining? Topic: Case school of engineering
July 17, 2019 / By Ananiah
Question: I will be graduating in two months with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. Since the beginning of the year, I have been frantically applying for many, many jobs; most of them in my area but some are states away. Job-hunting websites (monster, beyond, etc.) , are packed full of surprisingly high paying jobs for machinists and particularly CNC Machine Operators. My home state of Maine has a shortage/demand of trained machinists causing the high price of machinist labor. I am trying to decide if it is worthwhile to pursue a certificate or AS in Precision Machining Technology at the community college in my hometown. Depending on whether I get the certificate or the associates degree, it could take one to two years to complete and cost roughly $3,000. I already have ~$40,000 in student loan debt thanks to the exorbitant tuition and fees at my state university. Graduate school would compound that debt significantly, which I would like to avoid. I also have a wife and 5-month-old son who I am trying to support on very little right now, and I was really hoping to be financially secure in an engineering-related career upon graduation, which is looking unlikely at this point despite my high GPA, number of jobs applied for, and networking efforts. We live in a house in a town we like, so we would prefer not to move, and machinist job opportunities are very nearby (if only I was qualified) that pay $35-$55 per hour. This would be better starting pay than most entry-level engineering jobs offer.
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Topsy Topsy | 5 days ago
Machinist and Tool & Die Maker are two excellent excellent trades that are largely unknown to the current generation of students because they have no knowledge of a Manufacturing economy. Many students who go to college to get non-marketable "Sociology/Communications" degrees would do much better with a 4yr apprenticeship for Machinist or Tool & Die Maker, yet when suggested on Y!A, high school seniors often react as if someone called their mother a whore. If your case, however, it doesn't make much sense. It really take a full 4yr apprenticeship to be a good machinist, and a degreed Mechanical Engineer will quickly outstrip the wages of a Machinist or Tool & Die Maker. You really should move to wherever the jobs are. North Dakota? Incidentally, have you taken/passed the EIT/FE exam? Have you enrolled in Order of the Engineer?
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