Cheap sunglasses vs expensive?

Cheap sunglasses vs expensive? Topic: Sports research article
July 16, 2019 / By Andrew
Question: considering your eyes and not the look or the brand is it okay to buy cheap sunglasses. do they protect your eyes just as well.
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Totty Totty | 8 days ago
Usually no. You must decide what you want first, obviously eye protection so look for 100% UVA/B protection (this will be slightly less if you are going for photochromic lenses). If you are into sports you might like to consider different coloured lenses, shatterproof lenses, polarised sunglasses etc. Then again, if you just want fashion, just check you have adequate UV protection. I personally have doubts that a pair you pay a fiver for may be suspect even if they say they do protect you. Designer sunglasses are usually a result of years of technological research and come with warranties. Check out some of the articles on the link below.
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Sabina Sabina
The Ultra violet protection is identical, but the standard from the contacts are not the same. The majority of the cheap ones have distortions within the contacts than cause head aches or strange discomfort after putting on them some time. If you've ever had a great pair of Rayban or Oakley you'd be aware of improvement in visual comfort in comparison towards the cheapies. Optical quality contacts create a massive difference. The main difference within the frame quality alone constitutes a large improvement in enhanced comfort and sturdiness. High quality ones are costly , yes...but worth it. It's such as the distinction between a Cadillac along with a dune buggy...
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Nessa Nessa
I guess it depends on what you're trying to protect your eyes from. The Sun = Probably Rocks = I'd say about the same level of protection Lasers = Probably shouldn't be using sunglasses to deflect lasers Glares from pretentious strangers = Probably should go with the expensive glasses
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