Scholarships for those whose parents have been murdered?

Scholarships for those whose parents have been murdered? Topic: Write a newspaper front page
June 24, 2019 / By Anscomb
Question: are there any scholarships out there for the above mentioned situation. my mom was murdered when i was 7 and i'm just wondering about scholarships. thanks for the help
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Traci Traci | 3 days ago
Wow - sorry to hear that... you might want to contact a newspaper or local TV - I'm serious. Someone stole our money once when we were going on a trip to France. The company was Milestone, and the director took off with all our money... Our teacher contacted the media and people just started helping. A commedy group did a show for us, for free - all the money went to new tickets for the next year. Another company offered to give us special prices, and we went. We had to sell the tickets though - but so many people tried to help us. My face was on the front page of the paper... it was hard, but we did it. Certain comapnies will do that so they get the free air time on tv or the radio... You're gonna laugh - but why don't you write to Oprah... who knows? She's got resources and many connections...
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Saffie Saffie
You could google it... who knows? Or you could write a really awesome essay for your college applications- especially if your mom's death influenced your decision to study in a certain area like law or law enforcement. The school could be so impressed that they offer you a scholarship. Schools generally have unadvertized scholarships for anyone they REALLY want.
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