Will coffee help you think wisely and increase memory skills?

Will coffee help you think wisely and increase memory skills? Topic: Critical thinking skills in schools
June 17, 2019 / By Antony
Question: Do coffee help you think wisely? Will you have better critical thinking skills being up, and alert in your school classes and exams like S.A.T. etc? Also will you be able to concentrate more on you studies.
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Best Answers: Will coffee help you think wisely and increase memory skills?

Treasure Treasure | 6 days ago
Caffeine will help you study, as long as you don't have to study through the crash - you will always have a crash after consuming caffeine. It won't give you wisdom - the reverse, as caffeine makes you more aggressive. It does help you focus, which is why it's good for studying. I'd suggest tea over coffee as a caffeine source, especially powdered sencha or matcha. Coffee makes me more twitchy and agitated; tea makes me more awake and focused without feeling like running around.
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Sal Sal
No, it will not make you wiser. Time & experiences make you wiser. Coffee does have caffeine which causes people to temporarily have energy, then suffer from a crash. (Laziness & being tired) Personally, I don't like coffee, but sodas with caffeine make me hyper, lol, I can't focus on one thing at a time after drinking them.
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Nichola Nichola
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Lyndi Lyndi
Drinking coffee is fine, but nothing to do with the other things mentioned by you. It is good as a drink only.
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