Do you want Economic Justice?

Do you want Economic Justice? Topic: Business plan for it product owner
June 17, 2019 / By Antwan
Question: Do you want Economic Justice? Economic justice" simply means punishing the successful and redistributing their wealth by government fiat. It's a euphemism for socialism. If you vote for Obama, it's what he promises to give!!!!! SOURCE: http://www.ibdeditorials.com/IBDArticles...
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Tresha Tresha | 8 days ago
Frankly, I don't think Obama winning would be the end of the world. It would just finally show these people what his plan will actually do to their own pockets. I can't teach them economics and they refuse to learn it, so maybe seeing it will enlighten them. When the jobless rate is sky high and they are struggling even more they will see. It's not the wealthy that will suffer because they have plenty of money. It's not the corporations that will suffer, they will just cut jobs to pass the excess to the consumers. Who are the consumers? Those are the people wanting to stick it to the successful. Who will they hurt though? They will hurt their neighbor who may be a small business owner who will get run out of business because they had to fire all the help to stay afloat. They will hurt themselves because every product they buy will eat into whatever tax break they thought they were getting.
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Salena Salena
Wow - couldn't you find a more right-wing and rabidly conservative website to get your opinions from? Investor's Business Daily - I wonder how they feel about helping the middle class or the poor. On the other hand, I have no doubts about where they com down regarding the rich - those are their primary readers and their advertisers' main clients. Don't want any editorials getting the readership or revenue base upset, do we? Grow up and look at facts rather than right-wing (or left-wing) propaganda. Make up your own mind rather than simply parroting someone else's opinions.
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Nicky Nicky
"Economic Justice" to Repubilcans means taking from the MANY to give to the FEW. That's what the Conservative Nanny State does to America and Americans. And those are the types of failed policies John McCain will carry over from the Bush Administration. The Rich get RICHER and the rest of us get stuck with the BILL. VOTE OBAMA/ BIDEN '08!!
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Lyndsea Lyndsea
No, I want to earn my money and not have the government take it away from other Americans and give it to me. I'm not a charity case, I will earn my own way and I don't need to government to do that.
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Kaylyn Kaylyn
No I do not. I have worked way too hard all my life to have a group of morons (i.e. the current do nothing congress) to reallocate my earnings. I am perfectly capable of spending my own money. If you redistribute wealth, in the end there will be no rich, everyone will be poor.
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Hylda Hylda
I already get half of what I earn taken from me in taxes. HALF. How is that justice? Who do I owe my money to? I didn't steal it from anyone. If they took any more, i would quit working so hard and become a park ranger. I love hiking.
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Edyta Edyta
Been there, done that. Look at the communist Russia, Cuba, China. Though still leaders usually get bigger part of the pie. So, I don’t think Obama, if he would be a king or god, or whatever title he will make for himself, may be father of all people, as they usually do, of Soviet United States, will be sorry.
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Edyta Originally Answered: What would you to improve the American justice system?
I think China has an interesting system of justice. I don't think we could use it here though. We're not overpopulated enough to justify it yet. Obviously, I'm joking. I don't think there's an easy solution. We need more of everything. More jails, more police officers, more judges. They are constantly filled up, and often dismiss cases that really need more attention because they just don't have time.

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