Stubborn Shower Arms?

Stubborn Shower Arms? Topic: Grip case strap
June 24, 2019 / By Archibald
Question: I'm trying to change the shower arms in the bathrooms to match our brushed nickel shower heads and I am not having any luck getting them out of the wall. I, as well as a few other strong men in the family, have tried a strap wrench and it just makes the pipes groan, nothing moves. We don't want to damage the shower arm, just in case we are stuck with it. Any other ideas to get it out of the wall? We've been at it for over a week and neither shower arm will budge! Help!
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Tricia Tricia | 10 days ago
Here are a few ideas. If it will not unscrew counter-clockwise, try turning it clockwise just a bit to loosen the seal. Sometimes WD40 and other lubricants can help, you will need a thin straw to get them back to the thread joint, let them soak for 24 hrs or so. Also try CLR calcium and lime remover and let soak. To get a better grip, wrap the shower arm in duct tape and use a larger pipe wrench. One off the wall thing that I used once was to remove the shower head and run straight hot water thought the shower until the metal was as hot as possible and turned the arm freely. Ether way you have a 50/50 chance of breaking the arm off in the wall. The broken piece can be removed, it's just not real easy. Any way, good luck, hope this helps.
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Salli Salli
My experience with shower arms is that they like to break off in the wall if they are as tight as you say. You may be stuck with them. Breaking off a shower arm in the wall is a pain because you have to remove the threaded end that is stuck in the pipe in the wall.I would say leave it be, Could it have been brazed in place or really old and corroded into one lump at the joint?
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Nicole Nicole
TAKE off the shower head then put the end of a channel lock plier (one section of handle ) slid up inside the arm turn counter-clockwise!!!!!
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