Drawings/Letters for Troops overseas?

Drawings/Letters for Troops overseas? Topic: Love letter writing service
July 17, 2019 / By Ardal
Question: My co-teacher came up with the idea to do letters/drawings to send overseas. Well, we teach tomorrow and she hasn't exactly planned anything, and I'm not a big fan of going in unprepared. What are some ideas for this? And do you know if there are any restrictions? We are art teachers, so its mostly going to be drawings. But some kids may want to write something too. Thanks Pretty much any tips would be good? PS- (I'm REALLY new at this. I work at a charter school while still going to school for my degree)
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Trinity Trinity | 2 days ago
Take a look at http://www.AnyMarine.com/ (there is one of these for each service) The site will tell you what to send. I LOVED getting these in my 2 times to Iraq (20 months) and 1 time to Afghanistan (8 months). Your doing a great thing! The letters/cards that were stories were ALWAYS the best! We would read everyone of them! You will even sometimes get replies if you give a return address or email to send to!
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Sally Sally
Contact your local USO office they should be able to provide you with the necessary equipment addresses and what have you in order to get that ball rolling and thanks for supporting the troops
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