I cant focus on my stories?

I cant focus on my stories? Topic: Art that inspires writing a book
June 17, 2019 / By Ardon
Question: Okay, I'm doing this one book that basically consumed all my time and energy and I put my very BEST into it. I love it and the characters I've created. But for right now, I took a break on it and I've been trying to concentrate on new story idea's. And the thing is, I get inspired SUPER easy but once I start writing it, I get bored hours later. And I cant figure out a way to stay in love with the books I write. Writers block is literally being my worst enemy. I like comedy, romance, drama but at the same time I like Angst, adventure, action, fantasty, etc. So I dont have this limited genre thing. Yet no matter what I do its like....like I just cant stay interested. And I cant NOT write! Writing is practically my life, right after education and family comes writing/art. :(
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Trisha Trisha | 4 days ago
I'm the exact same! It's so annoying. The thing I do, is I have three stories going on. So if I'm starting to get bored with one, I'll work on the other. It also gives me a chance to work with all my ideas. Good luck!
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Sam Sam
That's been happening to me too.. Got a few stories that I think could be good, but keep jumping back and forth between them..and so far none are finished. Maybe when you take a break from your first story, don't go to the other stories.. Just take a break and spend time imagining in your head about the first story..just imagine coming up with ideas for it..no writing..just imagining...
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Nikkole Nikkole
Used to be the same with me, until realising that it was because I wasn't entirely satisfied with my characters or plot. Now I spend what can feel like days writing down as much as possible about character information and detail about the plot.
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