Will any of theese guitars fit in a Coffin Case ATC-125.?

Will any of theese guitars fit in a Coffin Case ATC-125.? Topic: Gibson guitar case sg
June 24, 2019 / By Areli
Question: Schecter C-1 Ibane rg Gibson SG Jackson Dinky I mean, will one of the guitars fit in it out of the options listed.
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Best Answers: Will any of theese guitars fit in a Coffin Case ATC-125.?

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I think Ibanez is a good choice. I have 2 Ibanez electrics, one I got as my 1st electric around $300 + hard shell case. THe other is a flying V I just recently got and it was more expensive. I also have an Ibanez nylon string acoustic electric. I am very happy with these guitars, they all 3 play great. Now, I have other guitars as well, and I have to say that they compete well with my others. Ibanez makes a good variey of guitars and they should have something in everyones price range. Figure out what your budget can handle and then go from there. They have several fairly nice guitars in the $300 price range. My artcore AM-73 is very nice all around semi-hollow body for my 1st. It can play any style you like. Now, if you want something for a specific style you might want to go with a solid body or just for jazz a true hollow body. I'm not sure which one you are referring to in your previous post. You may want to make sure that you notice whether or not it comes with a case as you will be carrying it to school and back and consider the cost of that if it doesn't. If you will be standing alot you may consider your shoulder a bit and may want to think about a basswood body for the lightweight character of it. Just a thought. Many of the lower priced guitars are made of this anyway. Consider the tuners and make sure they are quality tuners, or Ibanez version of them. If you are going to be able to play the guitar before you buy it (not ordering it) be sure to check those out) GOOD LUCK and ROck on!!
Originally Answered: Whats a synonym for coffin?
Ibanez RG series tremolo, it has every thing you possibly need, Tremolo Bridge, good picks, lightweight, locking knuckle, 24 fret neck, fine tuners, and the point zero system in the back so you don't have to open up the back of the guitar to adjust the spring tension. And best of all, you only every need one tool when you have thus guitar, a small Hex Key fits every adjustment slot on the guitar, and they go for about 200-400$ , got mine for 300 at Long and Mquade. Ibanez are extremely good quality too, and light wieght, and they look awesome too, you never have someone say that's a stupid guitar, they will always say, awe nice ibanez dude! And they make really cool fret arts too, so honestly dude, screw fender, get an Ibanez!!!

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