What do I do to help my parents to allow me have an iguana?

What do I do to help my parents to allow me have an iguana? Topic: Essay on my future plans
June 17, 2019 / By Aric
Question: My parents are not good with animals and hate pretty much all animals. I have managed to get a red foot tortoise and a leopard gecko though. I really want an iguana and have been doing hours upon hours of research. I know that an iguana is no leopard gecko or tortoise but I think I am ready for the challenge. My dad says they get to big and my mom says they smell. But they don’t smell and big the better. I have wrote 2 4 page essays on them and have done some pretty extensive research and planning what my schedule would be like if I had one for quite. A long time. Please help anything will do. What can I do to get an iguana?
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Trix Trix | 6 days ago
I'm actually pretty appalled at all the negative responses to this question. I don't know anything about you so I don't believe you are ungrateful, here is what I have to say though. Ultimately your parents DO have the final say in this situation because you are living in their house so if they really don't want an iguana, unfortunately there is not much you can do. If you are extremely committed to this and are positive that you will be able to provide for all of an iguana's necessities now and up to 20 years in the future, then continue to show to your parents how responsible you can be without getting frustrated with them and they may see that and change their mind. Otherwise you may just have to wait until you live on your own. Regardless, your leopard gecko and tortoise are both very unique critters which require their own level of commitment, the tortoise itself living for more than 50 years. Please continue to take care of them as they depend on you! Good luck!
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Samantha Samantha
they don' smell any worse than any animal has a smell if kept clean. They are fabulous pets if you handle them daily as babies. and easy to care for.
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Noa Noa
Why can't you be grateful for the pets you DO have? How are you going to afford the large enclosure it will need? Where will you put it? Do you have a job that is going to pay for all of this? There is more to having a pet of ANY sort than knowing about it though research. The pet also has to fit in with or lifestyle, budget, and space. They live a long time - what happens when you go off to school and have to leave the iguana behind? You won't be permitted to keep a large reptile in a dorm room. These are all the things that parents think about - they don't want to care for an iguana when you leave for college. Respect their wishes, and think about how many people have NO pets at all.
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Lynsay Lynsay
I think you need to remember that it is your parents' house and they say what you can and cannot have. You also need to remember that while iguanas are usually sold as small, easily handled juveniles they can grow very large, reaching about 6-7ft in length and up to maybe 20 lbs. That will mean that the average tank or aquarium will not be big enough and keepers often have to give over an entire bedroom as their home. They're a tropical reptile and need a lot of heat too, as well as being capable of delivering a nasty bite or a whipping from the tail. Sorry if this seems not to be the answer you'd like, but I'd set your sights somewhat lower.
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Keely Keely
There's nothing you can do. I"m so sick of you spoiled, entitled children thinking your parents OWE you pets. They owe you NOTHING. Get over your pathetic little self. Grow up, get a job, move out and get a place that allows an exotic pet that grows up to 5 feet long. Like you could even afford to properly care for and house a pet like that??? As effing if.
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Welcome to my life, parents are like that to me and I'm 13 and dont work. it's rediculous that they would yell at you for doing homework...

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