Compare and contrast pop music and rock music?

Compare and contrast pop music and rock music? Topic: Essays comparing and contrasting
June 17, 2019 / By Arieh
Question: i have to write a compare and contrast essay and i had to pick the topic. i chose pop music and rock music. i need help though, it is due tonight and i cant think of anything to write... thank you, anna
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Trixie Trixie | 7 days ago
Pop music is bullsh!t that uses people with no talent to make them famous. Most of them cannot even sing. It's cheesy and meaningless. Rock music can be anything from happy to sad, deep to just good old rock and roll. It's made up of amazing talents and beautiful songs that people these days know nothing about. ~Becks
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Trixie Originally Answered: My friends dont like rock music?
I know a lot of people are going to think I sound fickle, but yes, I completely understand how you feel. Music is pretty much my life. I play three instruments, sing, go to gigs every weekend, spend the majority of my free time writing music, playing music, or listening to music, and I have a record/cd collection that could rival my local record store. Because music had become such a large factor in my life, I found I couldn't relate to those who didn't care about it. I love rock music, it's my main genre of preference... though I also love French waltz, Irish folk, jazz, the list goes on! Anyway, I gradually ended up growing apart from those who were into mainstream music, because they just didn't get me anymore. This is the reason I usually date other musicians, and I now hang out with the school metalheads and punks (though I'm my school's lone Mod). That said, I have lots of friends who don't care about music. However, it is a barrier that prohibits me from getting as close to them as I would to those who share my interests. Maybe you just need to make some new friends who like your music? There's absolutely no reason you can't be friends with both groups of people, you'll just connect in different ways. I promise, we sometimes look intimidating, but... metalheads, punks, and even us pretentious mods are usually pretty nice.

Sammi Sammi
Start with the basics. What are the similarities? *Same origins *Sometimes played on the same radio stations *Use some of the same instruments *Have some of the same subject matter (love, life, etc.) Think of all you can and write them down. Then, think up the differences. Examples: *Pop music is popular by definition. While some rock is popular, it can also be underground, indie, etc. *Though you sometimes find other instruments, rock music is usually guitar based. Pop music can be all synthesizer, uses horns more frequently, etc. *Fans can be different, have different attitudes, etc. Think of all you can and write those down. Once you have your list, circle those that you think you can explain the best and have examples for. Take it paragraph by paragraph, using the list as your guide. Cite examples and quote lyrics, etc. to give support to your ideas. One step at a time. You can do it.
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Noah Noah
You could mention how pop and rock music has changed over the years, and HOW and WHY (?) they have both changed. I was born in '93 and 90s pop is different to pop now, as is rock music. Probably say how the genres split into different categories; alternative rock, progressive, etc, and how metal also links into it. The change in popularity and pop and rock's fan-bases. The opinions in the changes in the two genres; many disapprove of this new 'pop' music, the same with rock. We don't see much rock in the 'charts' now, really. I remember when Evanescence, Green Day and Linkin Park were played on our local radio station that NOW plays nothing but pop, RnB and rap. I hope this helps.
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Lynsey Lynsey
pop music uses a lot of synthetic sounds (don't know how to call it though) and usually would contain dance moves. while in rock music they use instruments if they perform live like guitars, drums and do not contain dance moves. sorry that's all I can think of.
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Lynsey Originally Answered: I'm trying to find a fun way to teach the history of rock music to kids.?
I think you should do the chronological thing, but start out with short clips (not full songs) of blues, jazz, r&b, gospel, pop, and country so they know rock didn't come out of nowhere. Then move on to full songs starting with Rock Around the Clock (the first rock and roll song to top the charts), and continuing from there... I could gladly list more if you really wanted me to... About the timing and such... my sister is 10, and she has ADD... I've gotten her to listen to music for about twenty minutes before she starts whining about leaving, so I suggest you let them move around... don't confine them to chairs... they might want to dance or something. Or give them paper and tell them to draw what the music makes them think about. That should keep them from getting too antsy. *Whoa... I now have 1111 answers...

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