Help with contract-Am I not allowed to get a copyright anymore?

Help with contract-Am I not allowed to get a copyright anymore? Topic: Media researcher meaning
June 17, 2019 / By Ariel
Question: I worked for Disney as an intern a few years ago. When I was there, they made me sign a contract (or else would not hire me) that said that anything I did belonged to them. Pretty much, they copyrighted my brain. They even put there that in a situation that Disney doesn't not have the resources or evidence to secure my work, then I agree to let them own it anyway to "protect the Company's interest in any copyright." I ended up leaving my internship early for private reasons unrelated. Well, years later I was looking to get a copyright on a children's story I thought up and suddenly remembered that contract, which states that: "In case of interruption of my employment with the Company, by lay-off or otherwise, this agreement, upon re-employment, will be in full force and effect unless specifically superseded by a new agreement." Does this mean that any material I've made SINCE leaving Disney is my own and not their property? I would imagine so, as the other doesn't make sense. But, you never know with some big companies. @ Yeti: lol. I know they didn't literally copyright my brain. I was only using a figure of speech because it just feels that way when you read the contract. That's how they've come to acquire some big name titles like "The Nightmare Before Christmas" from people even after they've left the company's employ. But I understand that's how they do things to protect themselves from spies and media thieves who "share" their ideas. As far as my question, thanks so much for your answer. That is what I thought, but I wanted to double check. I really appreciate it. I'll go ahead and give you best answer as soon as I am able to in an hour. Thanks again. :) @capitalgentleman: Ah, I didn't see your answer there before! Thanks so much!
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Trudi Trudi | 8 days ago
They didn't "copyright your brain." When you're working there, you're coming up with multiple ideas with multiple tools that are exclusive to their environment. And especially when you actually take action on it while there, it's "their" work. The same kind of thing is pretty common with researchers working places like universities, unless clear arrangements are made otherwise. This other thing just sounds like if you were to be laid off or something, the agreement kicks back in again as soon as you're re-employed. They don't necessarily need to make you sign a new agreement when you come back. It just automatically resumes. If you left Disney and came up with this book idea in the years since, they don't have rights to it. If you started work on it at work while you were employed with them (and they knew it), they'd be more likely to.
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Sammie Sammie
Only the stuff you created while working there counts. Including ideas though. Anything after you left, that is new is fine.
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