My older sister is disgustingly dirty. What do I do?

My older sister is disgustingly dirty. What do I do? Topic: Throw away school papers for second
June 17, 2019 / By Arik
Question: Hi, so my sister is 24, going on 25 and she is so messy. It's to the point where it's unhygenic. She is also greedy. Now I am 17, and I shouldn't have to clean up after a 24 year old! I was diagnosed with OCD, but I think its reasonable to say that this situation with her is ridiculous! I am the youngest and only child to live at home now, and my sister lives 9 blocks away from my mom and I. Unfortunately, that means that she is a frequent visitor, so my mom and I are always cleaning after she leaves. She is staying with my mom and I in our apartment. (The ceiling in her studio collapsed due to water damage) here are a few of the problems: 1. She doesn't clean up after herself. She leaves dishes in the sink, and waits for either my mom or me to wash them so she can use them again. 2. If she cooks she will leave food on the stove for hours. (Recently she left food on the stove in the dark, and I found two baby roaches! We never had roaches) 3. Doesn't throw away empty toilet rolls, or replace toilet paper. 5. She leaves a dirt residue on the toilet seat after she uses it ( I have to either clean it with bathroom cleaner or resort to squatting in my own house) 6, She eats and drinks out of boredom if left alone. ( I go to school, and there is juice and food in the house, when i come back no juice and more than half of the food is gone-- NOT AN EXAGGERATION) 7. She has an odor. She is either oblivious to her smells or doesn't care. She doesn't shower as much as she should. My mom likes to blame my sisters Graves Disease and Thyroid, but she was like this before either of those happened. She gets mean and spiteful and vindictive if approached by anyone who voices their concern or tells her about it. The only person who can say something and not yelled at is our mom. Now my mom does know my sisters annoying and disgusting habits,, but no matter how much my mom talks to her, my sister hasn't changed. Of course my mom cleans; we keep our respective spaces clean, but I am the cleaner of the household of two. I do complain ALOT about her to my mom, and my mom gets irritated. (At me or my sister, i dont really know which) I've considered not cleaning at all in retaliation, but why should i be made to feel uncomfortable in MY own home?! Anyway my mom is going back and forth between home and my other sister who was in a car accident, so she cant and doesnt want to be a referee between her daughters. So my question is...WHAT DO I DO?
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Trudie Trudie | 9 days ago
I am so sorry you have to go through this I used to have a male cousin who was gross like that. And an odor?? I think you should just tell your sister how it is. Tell her that in life, and when she leaves no man will want a woman who doesn't clean after herself or help clean. True thing, I see people get divorced for that same reason. At least twice I've seen such. But yeah, I'm year younger than you. So I know how you feel you are in a tight situation that I have been in with multiple people. Also tell your sister that what she is doing is inconsiderate to those that are around her, what she's doing is selfish and it is affecting you. But try not be to twist it into an argument make it into a STATEMENT, or sound like a FACT. Let her also know that you guys both have things that you are diagnosed with and that you understand but that does not mean she can just lie around and do absolutely nothing while others are doing things. If all else fails ignore her for a little bit, just do so.
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Trudie Originally Answered: How do you complain about a dirty neighbor?
If she rents, the easiest way would be to complain to her landlord. You can call or write anonymously if you're worried about repercussions from the neighbours, since you say they're violent drunks. And as a previous answer suggests, you can also report them to child services, since they have a baby. Roaches carry disease, and having them crawling around in the baby's diapers (and most likely, in the food and on the dishes as well) could be a serious health hazard.
Trudie Originally Answered: How do you complain about a dirty neighbor?
umm.. choices. to be called a tattle tail and not live with roaches or to be perfect in the eyes of someone so gross and live with the nastiness. really put your thought of others and how they view you aside. and ask yourself if you have any children yourself woudl you care what your "friend" would say if you told on her for the issues. i mean health over opinion. I know i know peoples feelings. i just find it odd that you would take someones feelings over your own health. more so when it sounds like you really odn't like her much. yet you value her opinion of you. now they are in your home. ugg hhh i'm grossed out thinking about it. side note my neighbor had rats. it was hard to tell a 90 year old lady that she has some issues. but we all did it. more so I was worried about my dog and cats.
Trudie Originally Answered: How do you complain about a dirty neighbor?
First contact child services and report her, you can do it anonymously so she won't find out it was you. Make sure you let them know that there wasn't a roach problem until she moved in. THen contact your landlord and inform them that you now have roachs and it didn't happen until they moved in.

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