Have a question about my living situation vs. having a dog?

Have a question about my living situation vs. having a dog? Topic: College application writing sample
June 17, 2019 / By Arn
Question: So I want to have a dog, and I want to provide it with as great of a living situation as I can. I make pretty good money for someone 3 years out of college (46k a year + benefits). Since I am single, I want to find a shared living situation with another dog lover. That way, I can have a dog, they can have a dog, and our dogs can play together when we are at work. I raised and trained my mother's rat terrier/beagle mix, plus I've volunteered at an animal shelter before. I've currently been talking to a woman about renting out a room in her house and having a small dog. She loves dogs and fosters them for a living. She's currently fostering 3 chihuahua puppies. This way, if either of us has an emergency issue, the other person can take care of the dogs temporarily. Here's my question: If I get written permission from her, would the fact I am renting out of her house hinder me from adopting a dog? I can afford my own little apartment, but I want to live in a house because I feel it's a better environment for a dog--it's more social and there is a bigger place to run around at, including a backyard. But in an animal shelter's eyes, they may think "Oh, we would rather adopt to someone who works full time and leaves a dog home alone during that time." I plan to adopt a dog from a high-kill shelter. What do you think? Should I just get my own apartment instead?
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Ula Ula | 3 days ago
Technically she would be your Landlord, since she owns the house. You are renting from her, animal shelters will contact your landlord to see if she allows pets. If she says yes, that's all they need to go on. Here is a sample adoption form, I think you will meet all of their criteria and then some! http://www.animalrescueproject.org/forms...
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Sapphire Sapphire
I like your ideas. I think you've thought this out well. If the woman with the house gives you written permission (signed on your contract) to have a dog, I don't see any problem with that. High-kill shelters are easier to get a dog from. As long as you get a small dog, you should always be able to find an apartment that will rent to you. One caveat here . . . if you're planning to have children within the next 16 years or so, you should know that small dogs usually aren't the best fit with small children.
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Nolene Nolene
To be fair, I think the shelter would be more concern towards you bringing a dog into another dog territory. Make sure you introduce the foster dogs first to any of the dogs you had your heart set on. Another thing to be cautious about is, can the dog you're adopting deal with stress and change of animals as the foster lady bring in different dogs? Good luck.
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Lysette Lysette
Your idea of renting a room sounds like a good idea for both you and the dog. Animal shelters have great dogs !
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Keithia Keithia
Sounds like you have a good plan. I highly doubt that a kill shelter will really analyze you as hard as you think. Therefore I wouldn't worry about them asking you specific questions such as that. Generally, kill shelters are the way they are because they have to be and are willing to give these animals to people willing to take them. They do what they can to avoid seeing another healthy animal be euthanized because no one wanted to adopt it.
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