Where are all the smart beautiful women?

Where are all the smart beautiful women? Topic: University case statement
June 17, 2019 / By Arnold
Question: Hey there people of the Answers, I have a question to ask all of you: Where are all the smart, beautiful/gorgeous women? The more I look, the more I see that the adjectives "smart" and "beautiful" seem to be antonyms in women. Basically, a smart, beautiful girl is "like a Volvo with a gun-rack" (as Robin Williams would say). Are there really no women out there that enjoy shopping and "doing their hair" AND reading philosophy and listening to classical music? Just so that you don't get the wrong idea, I'm a realist; I'm not expecting to find a Victoria's Secret model with a PHD in quantum physics, but the way I see it, almost all beautiful women seem to have received a "PHD in airheadedness" from the University of Paris Hilton. Okay, just in case you guys think I'm some sort of pretentious Quasimodo look-alike, I'm a 20-something (okay 22) year old, 6'2", moderately good looking (no Brad Pit, but no bland-dude either), classically educated, classical musician, who can appreciate both Bach/Mozart/Rachmaninoff, and also The Velvet Underground/Led Zep/The Rolling Stones (phew...that was a mouthful). What I'm trying to say is that I'm not some lump of coal looking for a diamond (if that metaphor makes any sense). And one more thing, no, I'm not a "body image" kind of guy, I'm a gentleman; I want the whole package: Brains, looks, charm, personality, and all. So, am I looking for something unattainable here, or are all the smart, beautiful girls just hiding (from the airheads, I guess)? Serious answers only please, Thanks. P.S. I am not trying to be sexist here, I'm just tired of meeting women who are at either extreme of the "beautiful - smart" spectrum. Thanks for the answers. Keep 'em coming. For that one answer below, I ask you, bitter much? (you know who you are).
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Una Una | 6 days ago
Wow, the boy has met all of the women in the world, congratulations! Looking at your argument based on logical stance, you ask if there are such women in the world but then later on make a statement that these women do not exist. It seems like you do not know really what you are talking about. Have you thought about what you define as beauty? Are you following what the ancient Greeks define as beauty or are you using a more wide focus on what beauty is? Have you thought about going to a college library? Or even going to college? If you are looking for a girl with a PhD then you will have to search a small few population, on which acquire a PhD. It seems that you have to analyze what you define as smart as well as beautiful. And why can’t a girl who is a Victoria Secret model type have a PhD? It seems that you may be a “gentlemen” but by how you prejudge with statements like that, I would not say that it’s very gentlemanly. Besides, I don’t think that it is also gentlemanly to call a woman an “airhead”. To fully answer your question I would say that you are not looking in the right spots and that you might be looking too much and might be missing the perfect girl for you. You need to just relax and let the chips fall as they may. Additional Note: No, I'm not bitter, I'm just wondering where you come off being bitter yourself. I know that you don't like my answer but I don't care, if it makes you think about what you are asking and how you say things, then left it be. You have to say, I am right on some things. A gentlemen wouldn't call a girl an "airhead". Are you kidding me? Plus, if you want particular attributes in a significant other, then you need to be those yourself. Hello? Are you smart? If you are, then why ask such a question?
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Una Originally Answered: Are not all people beautiful?
I would assume you live in the south. I am a white, blonde hair blue eyed female. and I grew up mostly in the noth east US (from VA up to ME and everywhere in between) honestly I didnt see too much racism, what i did see was the minority, most people up there get along w/ anyone and everyone regaurdless of skin tone, or any other difference. However, I moved to Louisiana a year and a half ago and I can't believe the difference. Its as if the last 20 years haven't happened at all. People down here are so racist, not only hatred towards blacks from whites but whites from blacks. There is so much hatred down here it makes me sick to my stomach. I obviously can't put myself in your shoes, and I wish you didnt have to feel what you feel or go through any of it. Hopefully one day we will all be able to get along with one another w/o even noticing differences in a negative manner. I would like to think that i would hold my head high and and smile a little bigger at those who judged my by my skin tone, however i can't imagine how hard and unfair it must be to be judged for something you have no control over. Good luck, and by the way....YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! don't let anyone make you think otherwise!! I wish my skin was darker, I am too pale!! lol!! When you look into the mirror next smile, because you know that you are beautiful inside and out, don't let them get you down!
Una Originally Answered: Are not all people beautiful?
We live in a world that is big and beautiful enough to emcompass all kinds of attractions, no matter what you look like there is someone out there who will find you beautiful, who will take the time to get to know YOU. You sound like an absolutely fantastic person, have faith that people out there that are worthy of you will find you! When it comes to discrimination, don't put up with it. if you feel that there is blatant racial profiling going on during your job interviews you need to report it. If you don't NO ONE will.
Una Originally Answered: Are not all people beautiful?
i totally agree with you but no matter where you go, there's always going to be some racism, and that will never change (but we can hope). and theres always gonna be someone (like you) who stands up for equality. and has the courage to prove that in order to be beautiful you have to be " a slim but curvy blonde haired blue-eyed bomb-shell". lol keep up your pride and don't let anything get you down!!! :]

Saranna Saranna
Honestly just go to any university. Walk around UCLA, Princeton, Columbia, University of Virginia or any other competitive school's campus and you'll find plenty of smart, pretty girls
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Saranna Originally Answered: Am I smart person or just stupid and lazy?
You might very well BE smart, you might even be the next Einstein for all I know, but none of that actually matters if you don't do anything with it. The Physics and Aerospace double-major living in his mom's basement playing videogames all day is still less important than the Social Service worker who dropped out of high school in Sophomore year but helps hundreds of people a day. Don't take that the wrong way, I think it's fine to do things for yourself because you want to, but if you use all of your intelligence in a pointless activity, all of your intelligence is pointless as well. I feel and act pretty much the same way, but I also pay attention in class and intend to do something with it. Think of it this way; school is a way toget to something more interesting. It's a downpayment of boredom for an exciting life afterwards. The key here is to find way to motivate yourself to do something for yourself to help others. It could be teaching, it could be flipping burgers, it could be inventing an unlimited power source, it could be satisfying your childhood dreams by creating the first interstellar ship and going to Sirius. If you're bored at school, either find a way to make the current material interesting, take more challenging classes, or find better material out of school. Look at all of the kids around you; they probably don't enjoy sitting through hour after hour of lectures and worksheets any more than you do. Most kids at my school hate it, but some of them find enough attention to get something out of it. They are the kids who are going to grow up to do something.
Saranna Originally Answered: Am I smart person or just stupid and lazy?
It's possible to be smart and lazy, but generally people like that don't waste their time typing out half a page's worth of words, so Im assuming you are just unintelligent.

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