What kind of woman becomes a high class escort?

What kind of woman becomes a high class escort? Topic: Monthly business plan form
June 17, 2019 / By Arron
Question: I think that I could earn £300,000 as a high class escort. But I am wondering exactly what kind of woman goes into this job and becomes successful at it. I am quite petite so I am not sure that I will be able to find off aggressive men. I am attractive, with 28D breasts and I am quite classy with a je ne sais quoi - so I am told. I really need to make money, and a lot of it, so that I can buy a house and further my education. So, what kind of woman in terms of appearance, character and business acumen, becomes a high class escort? Yes, yes - but what separates a high class escort from a common everyday prostitute. What amounts to 'high class'? What defines high class? You don't know my circumstances, so typing LOL is actually quite hurtful. Remember that women don't have it as easy as men, since men are reared to be leaders and strong, while women are taught to be dainty and weak. I have tried my best, but I don't know what jobs are available and I don't have the qualifications to get them.
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Urbana Urbana | 9 days ago
Hi. I have had the opportunity to talk with women who were in all levels of sex work through being involved in social services organizations and I'd like to clarify some things for you if I may. The reality of the situation is a bit different than it may seem to someone from the outside. First of all, prostitution is prostitution and that needs to be understood. It's not a job. Jobs have health insurance, retirement plans, and lead to advancement in the field. In sex work, you get demoted with time, not promoted. However, once you understand the realities of what you are considering, if you don't think that it's problematic for you ethically, then by all means, it's your decision as to whether you will escort or not. Reality: There are areas of the world in which escorting is exceptionally dangerous, and even in the "safer" areas, it's still not safe. Violence does happen and it happens often, even at the exceptionally high pay grades of escorting. You should most definitely stay away from Vegas, for instance, as pimps will find you and beat you down and if you aren't willing to work for them, you will end up dead. Further, the fact that prostitution is illegal in many places means that you may run the risk of arrest and having a prostitution charge on your record is an absolute game changer. Smart escorts use a screening service and a safety service that offers you "emergency calls" when you don't check in by a certain time (a number of your choice is called if you don't check in). Failing to screen clients is highly, highly risky. And frankly, working for a legal brothel (NOT in Nevada...those are mob run), say in Canada, is the best way to go. Why risk arrest if you don't have to? As far as sex work goes, the new generation of porn production companies offer far safer ways to get paid to have sex than escorting. Yes, many people see your face so if that's a problem, porn isn't for you. But if you want to be sure your partners are not diseased, get paid very well, and limit your chances for violence, then I'd check out the bigger porn names in California, such as Vivid or one of the other big ones. Those girls rake and they only sleep with a handful of partners instead of many. Another option is to have only one client. There are "arrangement" sites that hook up "sugar daddies" with "sugar babies" and allow you to negotiate terms for your relationship. Many wealthy men will set you up in an apartment, offer you a sum of money monthly, take you on trips, buy you expensive gifts, etc. and even put you through college in exchange for being their exclusive girlfriend. Yes, it's still prostitution, but it's far safer and frankly more lucrative. The only downside is that you are at the guy's beck and call, and that may not suit you. Reality: Doing sex work will permanently alter your experience of your own sexuality and many, many sex workers find that their enjoyment of sex is permanently destroyed or diminished. You need to consider that. Finally, you might consider "dry" sex work, which can be exceptionally lucrative. This includes working as a domme (they make massive paychecks), working as a feature dancer at high class clubs, working as a cam model, posing in men's magazines, etc. These forms of sex work are legal almost everywhere and may be less damaging to the psyche of the worker than full-service escorting.
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Saundra Saundra
So you want to be a high class escort? Are you a 9.5 or 10 on the attraction scale? (not just by your perception) Are you a lady? Were you raised as such in an upper class atmosphere? The potential rich-man clients don't care for run of the mill ho material. You can't just put yourself out there, you are going to have to work for your money. If you have any concerns at all about fighting off agressive men & such you probably best forget this as a 'career option'. Also at the end of it all you will be a 'ho' with a house. You will not be the person you are now. Food for though.
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Norberta Norberta
She would need to be young, pretty, and look good naked. ALSO, she would likely need to be an educated woman with class. A guy can easily buy something young and pretty for sex. I'd guess at the high end, he doesn't want her to be dumb as a box of rocks. She would have to carry herself very well and be able to have an intelligent conversation. I saw a tv documentary on high class escorts and they brought up this very stuff.
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Mabelle Mabelle
For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/awX0X Women tend to be more selective in dating due to the fact that they unconsciously seek a long-term commitment with "breed-worthy" males, i.e. they want their children to have a fighting chance. In your own question, you ask what would a woman do if their son was 5'7"... and the answer is the woman wouldn't even allow that to happen by dating only 6'+ being 5' herself. A man's height is the #1 criteria for the general female population at least in America from surveys, studies, and online dating site data mining. Further, despite what we've learned growing up, beggars can be choosers since any woman can easily find a date when men are always actively seeking and moving on. I'm 5'4.5" myself, so I've experienced the whole hopelessness ordeal, studied the psychology behind height, and been taking steps to counter my disadvantages. The best advice I can give you is that you have to accept the fact that you're handicapped and have to put forth twice to ten times the effort to accomplish anything; it's either that or give up, and giving up means being miserable regardless. You really have no choice but to roll that boulder up the hill. The most imperative thing is to develop that air of confidence which is in fact the most difficult thing to do since you've been looked down on and treated like crap all your life. You said it's pointless, but it's necessary: continuous physical training, excelling in work life, having passions, and getting respect from your peers - all necessary steps, and then you can look for that 5% of women willing to look past height. What's more sad: you can never mention height is handicapping you because nobody cares and will label you a scrub. The most successful short men acknowledge their disadvantage, but only to themselves and use it as a driving force to become a better man. i.e. fighting against all odds.
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Kelli Kelli
Well, I would guess that a high class escort will have a lot of customers that fit the following description: Rich old ***** who have spent his whole life trying to make money, rather than have fun during his youth, so that now he has a lot of money, he can blow it all on whores. Then he looks at his pathetic life with epic remorse, while his expensive whores milk his money, like drugs, make him want more and more, until he's broke, after which they leave him to his misery. A prostitute is like a doctor. They've seen it all. Just like doctors have to not be bothered by people who are sick and dying, prostitutes can't be bothered with seeing desperate men doing that to themselves.
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Irmgard Irmgard
How much is that 300,000 in American dollars? I don't know much about conversion rates. Escorts don't make a lot of money, not as much as a lot of people think. Take it from me, I know this. And looks really doesn't have much to do with it. Economy plays a much bigger role. The economy is terrible everywhere right now, so don't quit your day job. 'High class' is just an inane term people throw around, a term that doesn't hold much meaning. Where the heck are you getting this 'dainty & weak' nonsense? No woman in the Western world is taught to be 'dainty & weak' anymore, not even in Amish communities. If you're dainty & weak, you definitely should not be in the business of escorting!
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Elfreda Elfreda
300,000 is a bit unrealistic for most. There is no specific kind of woman who is successful. It mainly comes down to your ability to market yourself and develop repeat business. Two other options which are safer are webcam modeling or making your own adult videos. I'm hiring webcam models for a high end network and we also buy/broker homemade amateur videos. We work with a site that buys amateur photos as well. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you are interested in any of those.
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Cheyanne Cheyanne
LOL yeah how would you make that much? Even if you got a few hundred a hour would you work 8 hours a day? If that is the best job you can get I guess go for it knowing its dangerous and some of the guys will be physically unappealing among other defects. There is a reason they are doing this.
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