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June 17, 2019 / By Arryn
Question: Im 25 and have lived a life similar but completly different to the book Child called it. I have tried to write a book a few times but dont know from what angle, how much detail etc. I dont have anyone to bounce ideas off of. Alot of my childhood was very graphic and i do not know what parts to leave out. Are there people out there who will write a book about you if they find your life is interesting enough? Or are there people out there who will help with the whole bouncing ideas thing? I have wanted to do this for years but can never put it all together. Any advice??
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Urbanna Urbanna | 10 days ago
I have not written a book but also want to do that someday. I met someone who has had many books published & she was in a writting group & they all helped each other. Without giving her identity away I will tell you she has had alot of success but said she didn't make as much money as people think. I don't mean that to discourage you cause some people make a fortune. You have to follow your own path anyway. I would also go to the library & see if they have a book called something like publisher's manual...I just thought about it & I also have a good friend who writes spiritual books. She might be able to tell me something but she is out of town right now. If you want to e-mail me as a reminder & I will ask her what you should do...I would also write Mr. Pelzer (can't remember his name but the man that wrote the books) & see if he could mentor you.
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Urbanna Originally Answered: I would like to write a book of my life, where do I start? Can I find someone to write it?
I think first you need to decide why you want to write this out. Do you want to purge some emotions, give info to others, make money? If you want to purge those feelings and to assist others, you can set up a blog on something like Live Journal or My Space and just tell your story. By allowing people to see it and send messages to you about it, you can help others and release a lot of emotion. If you are wanting to write a book to sell, you need to understand that the story must be something that a publisher can sell. Unfortunately, books are made to make money. Which means, also unfortunately, that there must be either a hook (something that hasn't been seen before, or something unique, something different than other stories) or the writing must be so well done that it pulls at the heart of the reader. There must also be some resolution, something that shows that the person has overcome the bad times. If you aren't a writer, this could be a problem. However, your blog could actually interest someone in writing and publishing your story. Good luck.

Savanna Savanna
You have a better chance if you are famous. I know, it's wrong, but people want to read memoirs about people that they know and have seen (usually on television.) They want to understand more about the person's life. If you had a TERRIBLE childhood, like "A Child Called It," you may have a slightly better chance. Good luck!!!
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Noreen Noreen
go to a writing club or website. If you don't want them to know it actually happened don't tell them it is true. It will be hard to be read or get published if your not already famous, but people love to read memoirs with an interesting voice or sense of humor, no matter who their written by.
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Mable Mable
If it's too painful, you can fictionalise it, offering a distant look at your own pain. It would make it poignant but not horrible for the reader to read.
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Mable Originally Answered: How do I write my own book?
First, you have to think of a general plot. Whatever you want. Anything you want. It's easier to think about something you've always wanted to do. Did you ever want to be a pilot? Write a story about a pilot who crashes, stuff like that. Second, decide who you want to be the main and secondary characters. Who's your protagonist? How many friends will he/she have? Who do you want in his/her life? What names do you want to use? Who will be who. Third, decide where you want it to take place. Places like Alaska or Canada or some made up place like Gotham City! It's all your choice. But, if you pick a real place, you're gonna have to do some research on that place. Fourth, the book title should be left for last. Until you can think of an appropriate name. Fifth, write down everything. Everyone makes different types of notes. Decide what type works for you and keep all your ideas dotted down. And slowly, but surely, your story will take its rightful place. Once you have your plot, you can build on that, but be warned: It's going to take a lot of days, weeks, months (maybe even years) to build a great story long enough for a book. You're going to be changing your mind a lot and you're going to write and erase and replace, but all this will take you to the perfect book. And you're going to have to do some research too. I wish you lots of luck. P.S. www.fictionpress.com is a place for all authors, famous or not. You can get betas (people who read your stories and fix it and give you tips, ect). You can read, post tries and hopefully get feedback on it. It's a great place to develop your skills. But if you want your book published, don't publish it on a site. No one publisher wants to publish something you can find on the internet for free. I'm a beta on the site. Here's my name for ya: prehistoric-girl .... GOOD LUCK! :)

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