One Of My Moms Cousins That Has A Personal Problem With My Mother Wit And Put A False Charge On Her?

One Of My Moms Cousins That Has A Personal Problem With My Mother Wit And Put A False Charge On Her? Topic: How to make a personal statement
June 17, 2019 / By Art
Question: OK Here's The Deal This Guy Is My Moms Cousins Him And My Mom Has A Personal Problem Wit Each Other So This Guy With And Cut Him Self And Broke Hes Window On His Car Called 911 And Told Police That My Mom Came Wit A Knife Put It To His Neck And Took $200 From So The North brook ill Police Came And Locked Up My Mom Her Bail Was 100,000 10% 10,000 So I Bail Her Out So We Got A Lawyer So We Go To Court The First Time My Moms Cousin Was There And So Was The Cop Who Locked Her Up So This Guy Took A Sworn Statement That My Mom Did This Well We Had Some Family Members Talk To Him To Drop The Charge Of Armor Robbery So He Is Saying He Wants To Drop The Charge But He Is Afraid Because He Can Get Locked Up For Perjury So We With To A Other 3 Courts Since Then And He Is Not Even Coming To Court I Don't Know Why Its Not A Dismiss Case ? Can Someone Help Me How To Get This Case Out Of Court Why Is Americas Court System So **** Anyone Can Go And Cut Them Self And Break A Window To Lock Someone Up ?
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Uriela Uriela | 1 day ago
Your best bet is to make a direct appeal to the judge. Tell them everything about the "personal problem," and you need to make it seem like your mother's cousin's story has no credibility. Then, accuse him of making a false charge.
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Savannah Savannah
He would've had to actually prove it at trial, rather the state would've. You'd need the knife, or a witness, and medical testimony that the cut was in fact made by a knife. The reason it didn't get dismissed when the guy didn't show up is because the cops are the ones filing the complaint. It's something they do in domestic violence cases to stop women (just for instance) dropping the charges on their husbands because they "love him!" so much. If you have witnesses to the guy admitting he lied, tell the prosecutor. A conviction for perjury/filling a false police report will be much less severe than Armed Robbery. At this point, someone is going to get into trouble. But for the guy, they may not even bother prosecuting. It's not our court system that's messed up, it's losers who abuse it that are.
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Norene Norene
Firstly, capital letters are great but only really belong at the start of sentences. Punctuation is also nice too because this currently reads like you're jumped up on caffeine.
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Macey Macey
My God, take a freakin' basic English class. WHY ARE YOU CAPITALIZING EVERY WORD?????? You're an idiot. Plain and simple. I can't see anyone attempting to read that. Get a clue.
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