I got scammed and lost my properties! Someone please help?

I got scammed and lost my properties! Someone please help? Topic: Copy paper case sale
June 24, 2019 / By Arthur
Question: I had two multi family homes in MA and having very difficult time keeping up the mortgage payments and couldn't even sell them for more than a year. Then I got to know this guy who states that he is a real estate lawyer and an investor for more than 30yrs. He proposed that he wants to buy my properties which was a good deal since I was thinking about doing short sales and if I could just be free. He sent me documents and had me sign & returned, told me he'll take over the payments and I hoped everything he's telling me the truth. Soon, I found out that he just recorded the deed to his name, correcting the free rents from tenants, left me with huge amount of mortgage payment! I called some real estate lawyers and attorney general's office, but no luck finding any help. I really need someone's help. All the work I've done is getting ruined including my credit score and I got my properties stolen and do I still have to file a bankruptcy loosing my other assets for this evil guy? I'm posting this here because I don't live in MA and local lawyer I met says I need to find someone in MA since the laws are different and called many lawyers including attorney generals office from another states, but no one wants to take my case. They all tell me to call someone else. I have the copy of documents.
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Best Answers: I got scammed and lost my properties! Someone please help?

Uriella Uriella | 2 days ago
You signed papers sent to you in the mail and didn't consult legal help before signing them? You hoped he was telling you the truth?
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Scarlet Scarlet
How ought to he circulate identify without paying off the non-public loan? call a million) the identify agency and consult from them. 2) call the bar. If he's an lawyer, document him. yet hire your guy or woman lawyer to study the settlement you signed. See in the adventure that your interior of reach television stations have some sort of investigative reporter. they could do a tale approximately it and get you some help for unfastened.
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Norma Norma
"I really need someones help." You really need a lawyers help. Advice from strangers on a bulletin board based on a reading of a one-paragraph summary is going to be worthless. You MUST hire a lawyer - NOW. (Of course, you SHOULD have hired a lawyer BEFORE signing the papers with the apparent con-man, but I'm sure you know that now) Richard
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Macie Macie
Ask the in-state people who tell you to call someone else if they can refer you to someone specific. And don't ask about the price on the first phone call if it is going to be an issue ;)
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Macie Originally Answered: One Source Talent may have scammed me?
If you've written a check to them, alert the bank and ask them to cancel the check. Explain the situation to them. If you gave them a credit card, call the company and tell them to void the transaction because it is a scam. If no money has changed hands, call the agency and tell them you've had a change of mind. If they fight you, tell them to take a long walk off a short pier.

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