How do you complain about a dirty neighbor?

How do you complain about a dirty neighbor? Topic: How to write a report on a disease
June 17, 2019 / By Artie
Question: I have known this girl for almost 5 years, and she and her husband are filthy dirty. I have never seen anything like it before. Every house she has ever lived in has been infested with roaches...so bad that they are crawling up and down her walls, and running across her floors out in the open. Her vehicles have roaches, and one time when I babysat a roach climbed out of her wipes case for her baby AND out of the diaper bag. Gross! Now she lives next door to me of course! She keeps complaining that where we live is dirty, and it is not. I have never had a roach problem, but now she has roaches and her neighbors above her have them too. She is blaming it on the old tenets of course. Today I was washing dishes and saw a pretty nice sized roach right by my phone....I'm seriously so grossed out right now and just annoyed. I knew this would happen! How do I complain about this without being tattle tail? good point. The only reason I'm scared is because her and her husband both drink and can be violent..they are young and very immature. Okay---we have the same lanlord since we live on a military base. How do I say it them?
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Ursella Ursella | 3 days ago
If she rents, the easiest way would be to complain to her landlord. You can call or write anonymously if you're worried about repercussions from the neighbours, since you say they're violent drunks. And as a previous answer suggests, you can also report them to child services, since they have a baby. Roaches carry disease, and having them crawling around in the baby's diapers (and most likely, in the food and on the dishes as well) could be a serious health hazard.
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Scarlett Scarlett
umm.. choices. to be called a tattle tail and not live with roaches or to be perfect in the eyes of someone so gross and live with the nastiness. really put your thought of others and how they view you aside. and ask yourself if you have any children yourself woudl you care what your "friend" would say if you told on her for the issues. i mean health over opinion. I know i know peoples feelings. i just find it odd that you would take someones feelings over your own health. more so when it sounds like you really odn't like her much. yet you value her opinion of you. now they are in your home. ugg hhh i'm grossed out thinking about it. side note my neighbor had rats. it was hard to tell a 90 year old lady that she has some issues. but we all did it. more so I was worried about my dog and cats.
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Nova Nova
First contact child services and report her, you can do it anonymously so she won't find out it was you. Make sure you let them know that there wasn't a roach problem until she moved in. THen contact your landlord and inform them that you now have roachs and it didn't happen until they moved in.
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