I need an idea for a 7 page english paper about political problems?

I need an idea for a 7 page english paper about political problems? Topic: Topics for english papers
July 17, 2019 / By Asaph
Question: I'm having a hard time trying to find a subject for my english paper about Civil Liberties and political problems that spike my intrest and make me passionate about fixing the problem. I need help on picking a topic. Please help. Whoever I pick gets the 10 points so please make them good and give me reasons. Thankx it's also an argumentative paper so i'm trying to prove my point
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Valary Valary | 7 days ago
You could do a paper on the slow stripping away of our civil liberties and the choice that we as a people must ultimately make between whether or not we accept the added 'security' with fewer rights or to insist on our freedoms despite the greater possible risk to our safety. I personally prefer freedom and risk to 'security' and enslavement. (Good title idea) The irony is, that the greater 'security' is really no security at all. We are slowing becoming imprisoned and loosing our ability to oppose the govt in the manner that our founding fathers intended us to be able to do. It was always in their mind that we should ultimately have the power and RIGHT to actually overthrow the govt if they stepped outside their legitimate powers and began to acquire too much power over we, the people. This problem started in earnest with FDR and his sweeping legislation bringing us out of the depression. I don't know the details, but have heard that it angered a lot of people at the time because it significantly infringed on civil liberties. Clearly, the present Bush is seeking to strip us of certain civil liberties and a great many others -presidents and congresses, from FDR to present day Bush - have sought to do the same. Plenty of material for a 7 page paper. Good luck.
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