How to begin my story?

How to begin my story? Topic: How to write a good storyline
July 16, 2019 / By Ash
Question: I want to write a story but I am having trouble on how to start it, I have the idea down like the storyline, I just don't know how to begin it. The story is about a beautiful woman named Lillian Frazier, she is sophisticated, smart and beautiful but also conniving, calculating and cold on the inside. She was a single child of middle-class family whom worked hard for their money and spoiled there only child. Then when her father died her and her mother were left broke and penniless. Lillian was desperate for money and a life of luxury that in the end she decided to dispose of her mother using poison for the insurance money. But the money doesn't last forever and soon enough she has to move onto another victim. I don't know were about I should begin my story, do you have any ideas on how I could begin my story and were about. I appreciate anything. Thank you.
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Valerie Valerie | 9 days ago
Hi! How about start it with the funeral of her mother? People are telling her their condolences, how bad they feel now that both of her parents are dead, ETC... And she seems a bit aloof? Like she isn't effected by her mother's death, or something, maybe? People might think she's just trying to put up a strong front, but she murdered her mother for insurance money, after all. Maybe you can start it out with a funeral service, and after the funeral, her aunt invites her to live with her family for a while? This sounds interesting, though. Good luck! -Mac.
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Valerie Originally Answered: How to begin my story?
How about starting off talking about the couple's background...for example her miscarrying a baby then the doctors tell her she cant give birth to a health baby so they go through rough patches trying to adopt and they finally have to turn to stealing. Then lead to the day that they come in contact with the young teenager. Hope i helped?

Sedona Sedona
You could try . . . Beginning with the death of her mother, but don't say why just yet, describe her feelings without revealing the intentions behind it. You could put Lillian in a scene, observing people walk into the cafe she was in. she was looking for /someone in particular (a new victim, do not reveal this). Maybe she is on a date, and is hoping to find the right man this time. you could then describe a couple of the men she had previously met, and how it failed. You could do the leading uo to her going to the scene i just gave, like her preparing. Describe where she is, what makeup she applied, then lead to the cafe scene Just a couple of ideas. Good Luck.
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Octavia Octavia
human beings are consistently going to assert "initiate with a bang!" - and that i visit tell you staggering now that it is not consistently mandatory. in case you think of which you will pull of a incredible adequate description of this domicile, you have got your readers curious adequate because it somewhat is. the style you describe the home is as much as you and your very own type, as many have probably already informed you. you may desire to start at an particularly small element, and paintings your way up - your could desire to start describing room via room. all of it fairly relies upon on the style you p.c. it to start. test with it. try writing it some different techniques and notice which way which you like it ultimate. in case you think of that the define is in simple terms too uninteresting, then perchance you would be greater effective off describing the characters, some action, or maybe making use of communicate. happy writing.
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Madeline Madeline
'She was a single child of middle-class family whom worked hard for their money and spoiled there only child. Then when her father died her and her mother were left broke and penniless.' Where the hell did the money go?
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Kenina Kenina
Start with her poisoning her mother. Don't start with something dull like an endless description or back story. The reader won't care that she's from middle class family in the beginning.
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Ivory Ivory
Say what you said to us! But it's "Then, when her father died, she and her mother were left penniless."
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Ellenor Ellenor
start with the poisoning of her mom....then move on to presnt day, talk bout that for a couple chapters, then make her get a call or something like that that tells herthe money ran out....then she goes on to her next vickytom
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Ellenor Originally Answered: How to begin a story that will catch one's eye?
Start with a attention grabbing word. Dingy! Dingy was the room. Lit by a single covered bulb. Faintly I heard the clatter of a cart.

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