Am I any more arabic than a quarter?

Am I any more arabic than a quarter? Topic: Genealogy dna research
June 17, 2019 / By Ashur
Question: Ok so my mom is half italian from her dads side with a little french and half arabic from her moms side, but my dad is mixed with tons of sh*t hes swedish Norwegian german cherokee indian and I think Scottish do any of those ethnicity's have any arabic gene flow please answer fast!
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Velma Velma | 3 days ago
No you are not more than a quarter Arabic, to answer your question directly. To comment on the remained of the information you provided. 1, You are not Cherokee unless you are a member of one of the Branches of the Cherokee Tribe. You may or may not have NATIVE AMERICAN ancestry, but you would have to research and prove that. 2.Your Mother may be 1/2 Arabic, but she cannot also be 1/2 Italian and a little French, because that adds up to more than 1 and that is not correct. This ancestry fraction thing can only add up to 1. 2. The "genetic flow" as you put it, doesn't work that way. Genetics and Genealogy are two different things and DNA testing cannot replace actual good Genealogical research. It is always possible some ancestor who ended up in Scotland, Norway, or Sweden might have had an Arabic ancestor, but you also have to realize that the boundaries or countries have changed greatly and some countries didn't even exist say 40 years ago. You need to research the ancestry of your family and document your findings. Finally, Although Ted is correct about most family stories of NATIVE AMERICAN ancestry are incorrect, his comment about the Cherokee claim being a way to explain "dark skin" is incorrect as the Cherokee are well known to not have dark complexions as a rule, of course there are occasional exceptions. But, NATIVE AMERICANS were just as abused as African Americans so there was really not advantage to claiming NATIVE AMERICAN ancestry.
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Answer to question 1 10 cents. answer to the 2nd question .3 rounded to the nearest tenth. But the 2nd question appears to be a trick question, because when you round 1/3 to the nearest tenth, it does not repeat. When you round 1/3 to the nearest ten thothousandth, is .3333, and as you can see it repeats.

Selma Selma
First, your math is off. Your mom is just under half Italian, and a bit of French. The convention most people use, which is a gross approximation, is that you are half of what each parent was. The other convention is that you don't go back all the way; "English", for instance, is just that, not Pict, Celt, Roman, Angle, Saxon, Jute, Viking/Norse and Norman. So, that half Arabic from you mom, divided by 2, becomes 1/4 Arabic. There are exceptions, but in general the Arabs and the Northern Europeans didn't mix. The Spanish and the Moors, who were Arabic did, a bit, but that ended in the 1500's. (It ended with the fall of Grenada in 1492, but all the Moors in Spain didn't pack up and go back home that day.) And, while I'm raining on your parade, 95% of the claims of Cherokee ancestry turn out to be people explaining away dark skin from an African-American ancestor.
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Ohndria Ohndria
You aren't any of those things If you don't practice customs, speak languages, hold citizenship, etc. You listed off a bunch of Nationalities and modern construct ethnic groups, with specific cultures. And If you aren't part of the culture you aren't any of those things. What are you? Sounds like average ole American with vague claims of ancestry from various places.
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Madisyn Madisyn
Quarters aren't Arabic. They're American. Arabic currencies are called things like riyals and dinars.
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Kenzie Kenzie
So as a 100% American you like anyone else needs to research your ancestry then instead of making silly guesses you will know who your ancestors were and then realise YOU ARE NOT BITS AND PIECES OF YOUR ANCESTORS, you are you, an American citizen
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