When girls say size doesnt matter do they mean it?

When girls say size doesnt matter do they mean it? Topic: Average case size
July 17, 2019 / By Aston
Question: Me and my girlfriend have a great sex life. We were talking the other day and penis sizes came up through the convo. Shes never complained about mine in any way. She slipped by saying shes had bigger,but mines above average. I guess the bigger one was "un-humanly big" She says the sex is amazing compared to anyone else, but he "having" bigger in the past makes me worried. So when she says bigger isnt always better, is she serious or just saying that so i dont feel bad that shes had bigger.
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Verna Verna | 7 days ago
Size only matters in extreme cases. 99.99% of women don't want a micropenis, but being hung like an elephant isn't an advantage either. The average vaginal canal is about 4-5" from the opening to the bottom of the cervix. The "average" penis is about 5.5". Meaning in terms of length, if you're anywhere near average, you're more than fine. Women will tell you that girth matters more than length, and generally, if your penis is about as wide or wider than two fingers across, it's more than adequate. Anything wider runs the risk of tearing, and will generally cause a bit of discomfort. So when women tell you that "Size doesn't matter", for the most part, they're telling the truth. So long as you fall somewhere in the "average" range, you've got enough size to pleasure her, and it falls back to skill, not size. Now, take all of that into consideration when she says "She's had bigger". Even if she's had only a moderate (3-4) number of sexual partners, the odds are that she's had bigger, unless you're in the "way above average/huge" size range. As before, unless you're abnormally small, it's skill, not size.
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Verna Originally Answered: Guys, does size matter?
I think it's a shame that you've spent so much effort on this, especially when your husband loves you the way you are. How are you going to handle the changes that your body will undergo as you age? Are you going to going to go get surgery for every wrinkle, pound or sag? Physical beauty is fleeting; do not place ANY stock in it. Why don't you find a more worthy past-time, that brings more lasting benefit to you, your marriage, or others around you? There are millions of FAR more important things to spend your emotional effort on than you boobs. Or your "top shape" body, for that matter. One day you're going to be an elderly woman. It would be better for you to arrive at that age with grace and dignity, instead of surgery scars from having your boob-bags changed out every ten years or so. They DO fail about every ten years or so, you realize that, right? I have a co-worker who had to have a total double mastectomy about four years ago, after being diagnosed with breast cancer. They took EVERYTHING. She debated whether to wear prostheses (gel bras, etc) or to get implants. I cautioned her not to get implants, because their failure rate is so bad. She got the implants, and since then she has had no less than five follow up surgeries to fix them. That's in just four years. You couldn't PAY me to have that crap put in my body. I have great boobs anyway, why would I risk messing them up by implanting a product that doesn't last, and will scar me up having them removed or replaced? That just doesn't make ANY sense.

Sequoia Sequoia
Bigger isnt always better, although its good to have bigger then average. After all, if you have it too big, the girl could bleed. And have you ever had the feeling a three toothed, eighteen eyed, mutant gorilla is watching you? It's a scary feeling.
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Ollie Ollie
Its all bull cause as much as my GF loves the fact that Im larger than normal I only get sex about twice a week three times if Im lucky cause shes always soar for a day or two after and it sucks for me and no this is not me tooting my horn or anything like that Im just being real
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Madyson Madyson
bigger isn't always better. my boyfriend of two years was maybe six inches, and it was really skinny. but we still had amazinggg sex. if it's too long it like.. hits the cervix or something and makes the girl feel sick to her stomache. and i probably couldn't date a guy with a huge dick because i like foreplay/making my guy feel good and giving him head, and it'd be difficult to give a huge guy head... i'd probably just want to stop lol
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Kerenhappuch Kerenhappuch
size does matter alot lol but if a guy hase a big one dosnt know how to use it whats the point a guy who hase a small one and know how to is way better enything under 6 inches is to small. thers pills you can buy they are calld BOMBA lol
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Jackalyn Jackalyn
Bigger isn't always better. It's whatcha do with it that matters most I think. (Now, we don't want a Marlboro cigarette or a Vienna Sausage either.........)
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Jackalyn Originally Answered: Doea penis size really matter?
You are within about half an inch of the average length - which means there are loads of men with around the same size. You really have nothing to worry about. In any case it's not the size of your boat it's the motion of the ocean, or something.

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