What's your house like?

What's your house like? Topic: Glass display case small
June 24, 2019 / By Augustine
Question: I kinda like my house, it has claass, in a way. It's italian styled I think, & than we have like a one acre backyard & a greenhouse in the back & a big trampoline. & than, like, i live in a bungolow & from the outside its really hobo looking, but in the inside its kinda big, we could play hide & seek in it all day. also some random old dude died in it so that kinda freaks me out. I miss my old house :(
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Vicky Vicky | 5 days ago
I like my house, it's really comfortable and I'm used to it! It's a large three and a half story brick house, with a completely finished basement (it's like half underground, but mostly above ground because we live on a hill and my house is built into it). We have a large deck with a pool and I love the view from the back because we have a sun room and it sort of looks like the tower of a castle (only it's all stucco in the back). Our pool is built into the hill, so one side is a rock wall, and the other is a deck suspended probably 30 feet above the ground, and on the ground is a river made up of rocks that "flows" under the deck and out the other side. Then above the rock wall is a flat pit filled with sand and a volleyball net. I've always been very active so our yard is a slightly slanted hill (one side is very steep and great for sledding!) with a baseball diamond (we have the plates and pitcher's mound, but no official lines or net and it is at a slant). Our driveway is a two car driveway and at the end we have a half basketball court (with painted lines) which is next to a four car garage, then there is a brick walkway leading to the side door and if you continue down it you will pass the "bog" where the river rock ends (there are several plants planted around it to look like a bog) and a set of stairs leading to the deck and the back door. A brick path also leads off of the driveway and to our front door which is made up of two grand, red doors, and it leads into the foyer. Inside our house, we have several rooms. On the first floor we have a breakfast room (it's designed so it looks French with a large, 400 year old wood table), our kitchen (which is large with a marble counter with a TV that comes up from it), a mud room (which comes off of the kitchen and leads to the side door and the garage), a dining room (it's green with a dark mahogany table, a china tea cup display set, mahogany drawers filled with our finest utensils and place settings, and painting line the wall), then there is a hall way leading to a living room (it is green with a fireplace, lounging area, and coffee table), a library (a dark room lined with books in glass cases all around, a desk, paintings, a couch, and end tables), a formal powder room, and our family room (it's large, with two couches, an armchair, a fireplace, a large two-story tv cabinet, and a large wood coffee table), which leads to the sunroom (it's painted to look like it's outdoors and the ground is red tile so it looks like dirt). Downstairs (the basement) we have the Media Room (with a roll down screen and projector), a luggage closet, a wine cellar, a storage room, the exercise room, a guest room (with twins beds and it's ballerina themed, but it looks very mature), a full bathroom, and the playroom (it has double glass doors with a smaller room room for arts + crafts). On the second floor is just living space, it has 5 bedrooms (one is a master bedroom with two closets, a king bed, a couch, two futons, and a large tv set of to the side is another hallway which leads to the grand bathroom with a jacuzzi, a shower, a separate water closet, and two grand sings, with marble tiled floor), 5 bathrooms, my bedroom is large with twin beds, a couch, two desks, a set of drawers, a night stand, an armchair, a wooden chest, a walk-in closet, and a bathroom. On the third floor we have two more bedrooms, two more bathrooms, and my mother's "loft" studio. Her studio is very large, perhaps the largest room in the house, with two closets coming off of it, a couch, an armchair, 1.5 story ceilings, a desk, two glass tables, two end tables, and a large glass display cabinet with old family photos. One wall is filled just with family photos too. Sorry if my house is really hard to envision, it's very unique, though, and I love it! My parents designed it for my brothers and I so we could have friends over and just enjoy it. It's not too huge (12,000 squ feet) but we make very good use of the space! It's at the end of a cul-du-sac, so I get to play with my neighbors too! It's so fun because in the summer all of us will play manhunt in the woods near our house and in the winter they'll all go sledding in my backyard, we also set up a ramp in the winter to sled down! I am very fortunate and blessed with my house though, and I have no complaints. - Catherine
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Shan Shan
Well my house is is small-ish... sense their are only 3 people living here and a dog and a cat it is perfect!! Ok when you first see my house you would think it is small but on the inside it really int too bad! Half of the outside of the house it siding then the other is brick! It is a ranch style house! When you walk in you go straight into the lvivng room. then if you keep walking and turn to the left you will go into the dining room. If you keep going through the dining room and turn left again there are the steps for the basement. Go through the dining room you will be in the kitchen. This is where the back door is that leads to the back yard. If you go back to the living room and go right that is the hallway. The first room in the hallway on the left is the bathroom, right across from the bathroom is the office. Next to the office is the closet. My room is in the very back of the hallway. Right next to my room, on the left, is the master bedroom. This also has a bathroom in it. The backyard is less than one acre and it has a shed in it! The basement is partley finished with a flat screen TV and a bedroom. The unfinished side is the laundry room!!!! That is my house!!!!
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Onndria Onndria
It's kind of hard to describe, lol. Not that it's unique or different, but I don't usually think of how to describe my house. Well... Starting on the left, it's like this really deep brown, almost auburn wood. The far right is stone, where our fireplace is. The garage is attached to our sun room (which we use all year anyway) on the left side. The basement is like a family room and a laundry room. Then the first floor is a den, the sunroom, bathroom, living room, dining room and kitchen, which are semi-connected. Upstairs there are three bedrooms and a bathroom. We have like a 1/3 acre yard and a little bit of yard on the side, where a trampoline is. And there's a fence running around the back/side yard that matches the color of the wood on the house. Your house sounds cool. I love hide and seek. :D
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Magdalen Magdalen
It's a cute little townhouse. I love it, I take a lot of pride in my place :) It's small, it has 3 decent-sized bedrooms (2 upstairs and the main downstairs which is really big), has a main bathroom (upstairs) and the ensuite downstairs, living, dining, kitchen, laundrey etc - all perfect sized. I have a little courtyard fenced in area outside, with a deck area and paved area where I have a BBQ and outdoor table, and then there is a nice sized grass area where I have a trampoline (for my nieces but since I'm pregnant now it's good) and the rabbit cage and against one of the fences is the clothes line which folds down flat against the fence which makes even more room in the yard. It's perfect for me, considering it's only me there most of the time (until my baby is here) and my nieces often. :)
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