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Let's do some role playing? Topic: Nursing admission essays
June 17, 2019 / By Aulay
Question: let's say you were an admission officer or personnel or whatever. And You're reviewing a student's Application essay and you notice that this student use to suffer with severe asthma in childhood but In his teenage years the symptoms have suppressed cause he has taken really good care of himself (remember asthma cannot be cured but treated). and he turned his experiences in the hospital into A motivation to become something related to health care like a nurse or physician or technician... so that he cud help people who suffer like he did. now... would you as an admission officer reject this applicant for the sole purpose of his past and disease? Let's not forget he has a GPA of about 3.78! and his grades are great! and if u do decide to reject him based on His disease.... isn't that discrimination? Thanks!
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Victoria Victoria | 6 days ago
As an admissions officer, I'd have already read hundreds if not thousands of essays by students who overcame dangerous and/or chronic illnesses by the time I got to this one. Asthma would barely register with me, unless the essay were particularly well-written, or the student did something foolish like try to claim to be part of an oppressed minority.
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Shana Shana
I would not reject him on the basis of his disease. I might reject him on his grammar. Even if a student has a 3.78 GPA, the application essay is important, and this applicant's lack of attention to detail, if admitted, will reflect poorly on my institution.
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