Does Islam recognize a Muslim if he is not Circumcized?

Does Islam recognize a Muslim if he is not Circumcized? Topic: Sub questions in a research paper
July 17, 2019 / By Austen
Question: If an adult man who decides to become a Muslim, must he have his penis circumcised in order to be a Muslim even if he has performed all the rules of Conversion? or example, he prays 5 times a day, fasts the whole month of Ramadan, gives Zakah...but will be not be considered a Muslim because of his intact foreskin? Can't a Muslim be allowed to choose to keep his foreskin intact provided he cleans it properly, after all, cleanliness is the reason why we are told to cut off the foreskin? Also, should children be circumcised against their will? Should we not let them decide whether they want their foreskin to be cut off? Yes, I am very much aware of medical reasons that support circumcision, but those are just the risks people may have. For generations people have had foreskin and by staying clean, they have managed to live without any problem. I was circumcised without my permission. My body was tampered with against my wish to please Allah. I've never had any problems and I've kept myself clean. I just don't see why a person can't be a Muslim if he does everything right but has a foreskin. @Shaik Abdul Cader Dawood: Nails, Pubic Hair, Armpit Hair, Moutache grow back but a foreskin dos not.
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Vina Vina | 7 days ago
The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The fitrah (natural disposition) is five things: circumcision, removing the pubic hair, trimming the moustache, cutting the nails, and plucking the armpit hairs.” By not being circumcised you will not leave the folds of Islam. So tell me brother, why are we not questioning our parents' decision to clip our nails and cut our hair when we were little children. How dare they deform us and tamper our bodies without our permission? People can live with long nails and long hair. There might be ill consequences, but those are the risks people may have. So should it not be upto them to decide? The previous generations and ancestors did not use urinals. People created the chances of being clean. They would have used water or some paper. Even then, Muslims used to circumcise to be better of in hygiene. Nowadays, urinals are very common. People do not clean themselves (or at least I haven't noticed them doing so) after using the urinals. There is a higher risk now, than it was before. To give you a very brief answer: You will not become a Non-Muslim by not circumcising yourself. Allah Know Best. Edit: You are right. They (hair and nails) do grow back. But to get back to your sub-question: -What gives them right to do so? even if it does grow back, do they have the right to cut-off something from our body without asking us first? -Why should we prevent the parents from doing something that benefits the child (cutting hair, nails or foreskin***), even if it only causes a little pain for a short while? I agree they shouldn't do it if it will cause the kid some serious problem. *** The real issues, I feel, you have with circumcision: 1. Foreskin won't grow back (Why do you want to bring back your foreskin anyways?) 2. Little painful (However, now doctors use anesthesia to numb the pain). 3. Parent's doing something without asking our permission (If it benefits us and doesn't cause any health problem why should we object?) Finally your main question: Like I said previously, I don't believe (from what I have researched) you will become a non-believer if you do not circumcise. example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8W-vjtN-h... So you will be recognized as a Muslim even if you are not circumcised.
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Salaam (Peace) Step 1: Review the five pillars of Islam: testifying that there is only one God and Muhammad is his prophet; praying five times a day; fasting for the month of Ramadan; offering charity each year; and making the pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in your lifetime. Affirm these to yourself. Familiarize yourself with the various strains of Islam. Sunnis, Shias, and Ismailis are all Muslim but have slightly different core beliefs or aqeedah. Because Sunnis make up roughly 85 percent of the world’s Muslim population, this represents a sort of default option for conversion. Step 2: Sitting quietly by yourself, make your intention, either silently or out loud, to convert to Islam to please God alone, not for personal gain or to please other people. If someone is pressuring you to convert to Islam—for example a spouse or a boyfriend/girlfriend, remind him or her that according to Islamic law, a conversion without inner conviction is morally meaningless and religiously invalid. Step 3: Read out loud this statement in Arabic: “Ash-shadu an laa ill-laaha illa-lah.” This means in English: “I testify there is no God but God.” While many converts like to profess their new faith in a mosque and/or in the presence of other Muslims, witnesses are not required. You can become Muslim by yourself at home. Step 4: Read aloud this statement: “Wa ash-shadu anna Muhammadun-a rasuulu-lah.” This means “And I testify that Muhammad is the prophet of God.” Step 5: Repeat Steps 3 and 4. These two statements are known as the shahadah, or testament of faith, and they comprise the first pillar of Islam. Saying the shahadah in Arabic is required, but it might also help to repeat the statements in your native language. Step 6: Take a shower or bath, completely immersing your hair and body. With this washing, you are shedding all of the sins you may have committed before becoming Muslim. Step 7: Accept God’s mercy in forgiving all your past sins. It’s part of the gift of becoming Muslim. Step 8: Use this time to pray for others. God says the prayer of a new convert is likely to be accepted. Step 9: Begin to practice the other pillars of Islam as soon as you are ready. Most immediately, this means offering the five daily prayers. When you decide to make the pilgrimage, or hajj, another of Islam’s pillars, you might need your local mosque to write a letter certifying that you are now Muslim, as only Muslims are allowed in the city of Mecca. Step 10: Some converts like to start using an Arabic name in addition to or instead of their given name. Changing your name, however, is not required. While you will need to master a small amount of Arabic to correctly say the daily prayers, learning Arabic is not required. Step 11: When you are ready, begin to tell your friends, family, and co-workers that you have embraced Islam. Be patient with them if they express alarm or hostility. Don’t forget that there was a time when you, too, knew little about Islam. Step 12: Gradually incorporate other aspects of Islam into your life, whether that means dressing more modestly, reading the Quran, or visiting the mosque. While you may be tempted to completely change your lifestyle right away, realize that making slow, deliberate changes will serve you better in the long run. In the West, some of the most prominent Muslim are converts, including Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens, and boxing champion Muhammad Ali. I hope I have been some help. Walaikum Salaam (and peace be upon you)

Shanelle Shanelle
Brother, it is not a Fard or compulsory for a Muslim man to be circumcised. It is a Sunnah. It is Mustahab. It is encouraged. It is a Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh), which our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) also taught Muslim men to follow. Even in various other religions like Judaism and Christianity, a person should be circumcised. Even though it says that the Christian do not follow. It is mentioned in the Gospel of John, Chapter 7 Verse 22, that Moses (pbuh) brought the covenant of circumcision and in the Book of Acts Chapter 7, Verse 8 that the covenant of circumcision was given and that it is mentioned in the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 2 Verse 21 that Jesus Christ (pbuh) was circumcised on the eighth day. Inspite of this, the Christians do not follow the law of circumcision. What are the scientific reasons, the logical reasons: Why a man should be circumcised? Normally in circumcision the profuse or the fore skin of the male organ, the excess skin is cut, which prevents several diseases. For example a person who is not circumcised he has chances of having phymosis the meitis, the opening of the prepuse it can get narrowed and there can be difficulty in mixtuating i.e. urination. There can be paraphynosis if the prepuse is construited it will be tight. Once it is inserted it do not go back to normal position. There can inflammation of the glands.It can be swollen. It can paraphinosio. It can lead to aversion of skin. There are several cases which I as a doctor that the prefuse get stuck even on the zip of the trouser. That causes ulceration. It is quite common. So if you are not circumcised there are chances of several diseases. There can even be inflammations of the profuse called…….The inflammation of the glands is called as……. The inflammation of both together the glands and the profuse…. Which is again very painful. There are chances of a person who is not circumcised he can have carcinoma, cancer of the penis. You know why? It is due to unhygienic conditions It can cause carcinoma of the penis which is a situation which is very dreadful. Imagine cancer of the penis. The life can be spoiled. The chances that they can be ….in the …..because in the embryonic stage when the infant is small, if we do not have cleaning of the prepuse, the chances are stone can develop. There are various diseases, which can be associated if a man is not circumcised like genital herpes. There can be gangrene Gowiherle* there can be Lymph Gowiherle*, even the wife of the man who is not circumcised has chances of getting affected. Several medical reports which had appeared in the Indian papers several times that there are high chances of the cancer of the cervix of the woman who is the wife of an uncircumcised man. She can have a similar disease like genitor herpes, * , * , that is the reason in America today though the lavish people. Muslims have a religious practice of having their child circumcised. There is hardly a small percentage of the American population who do not circumcise yet more than 50% of the children the moment they are born, are circumcised.
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Oonagh Oonagh
Islam is mainly about submission to Allah orders to do what He said should be done and desert what He said we should not do ... circumcision is one of the rules of islam and no doubt Allah ordered us to do it for a wise reason but we don't have to know all the reasons to do things we should submit, it is mostly recommended unless it will cause chronic harms as most scholars say ... though you can still be a muslim while not circumcised, but I'm not sure how sinful it is breaking such a rule ... and regarding considering it a rule of sunnah doesn't make it easier coz sunnah is about the way of practicing Islam .... Allah knows best
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Maggie Maggie
In Islam, devil became no longer a fallen angel yet a "Jinn" [different aliens that God has created]. We human beings have been made out of count and the Jinn have been made out of energy_ clay and flame being symbols of count and potential, respectively. And as you be attentive to, count and potential are interchangeable. In different words, there is count based intelligence, consequently, there additionally must be potential based intelligence. it is likewise exciting that Quran stressful circumstances the two the Jinn and the people to commute via area (Jinns are listed first). It says, “[fifty 5.33] O assembly of the jinn and the adult males! in case you are able to bypass throughout the time of the areas of the heavens and the earth, then bypass via; you are able to no longer bypass via yet with authority.” right here the Arabic word for “authority: is “sultan” which somewhat potential ‘ability.’ on a similar time, Quran shows that no longer all areas of the universe are open to commute: “[seventy two.8,9] And that we sought to attain heaven, yet we discovered it crammed with reliable guards and flaming stars. And that we used to sit down down in a number of the sitting-places thereof to steal a listening to, yet he who might (attempt to) pay attention now might detect a flame mendacity in anticipate him.” In different words, some area and communique limitations have been created which won't be able to be surpassed.
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Keshia Keshia
Don't lsn to these idiots , a man who becomes a muslim doesn't have to circumsize and its called SUNNAH(optional) , the converters have an easier life than the normal muslims
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Jadyn Jadyn
I don't think it's necessary for adult converts, circumcision is done very early. Ask an imam though.
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Jadyn Originally Answered: Trying to Understand Islam and the Muslim world? Book suggestions?
Try the Quran (english translation). Or you could just do a search on an online book store for those terms and see what the top picks or best rated one are. Unlike the person above, I think it's good you want to understand. Islam and Muslim world is predicted to influence world events even more in the future than it is now. Even the person above should understand to need to "know thy enemy" or "keep your friends close and your enemies closer." Although I I think a BETTER reason to learn about Islam is because the world would be a better place if we all tried to understand each other's perspective. I also don't think the person above knows that many Muslims. Empathy and open-mindedness goes a long way in solving the world's ills. Also, some people need to learn the information for their work. I think the Quran is a good place to start but not representative any more than the Christian Bible is for Christians. There are many religious groups just like there are for Christians.

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