Writing a book with two authors?

Writing a book with two authors? Topic: Different style of writing a
June 17, 2019 / By Averel
Question: if a novel was wrote by 2 authors each doing alternating chapters. would the each chapter need to be the same length and the same style as each other?
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Virgie Virgie | 1 day ago
No, your book wouldn't need to have chapters that have the same lengths or writing techniques if two different people are writing the story. Take a look at alot of books that are writen by two authors instead of one. THe variety of style shows the characteristics of character better from a diffent point of view. Keep working on it. I dont know much information on what kind of book you are writing, so Im going to assume that you are writing a fiction book. Make sure that the two writers have an idea of what the plot is going to be so you two dont clash on ideas and what you are writing in your separate paragraphs.
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Shanika Shanika
Jennifer, James Patterson does this all the time. I don't know about the length of the chapters making a difference, but I know that Patterson's books with a co-author all have the same short chapters. The style of writing doesn't change from one author to another. Each writes a chapter in his/her own style. I believe if you've read books long enough, you can actually pick up on which author wrote which chapters. I know I can with Patterson's works. PJ M
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Ora Ora
I don't want to sound as a joy killer, but... are you sure you want to write a book with two authors? Normally, writing a novel is something quite personal, and it is probably way more complicated to write a story between two people, than writing one by yourself. I have never tried with a long story, but with short ones, yes, and it has never worked for me. On the other hand, as long as the length is not too different, it shouldn't be that bad. I mean, for example, if your average chapter is 2500 words, and the other guy's is 1500, it is not that bad. Now, if your average chapter is 7000 words and the guy's is 1000, well, I think you have some work to do on that respect.
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Mahalath Mahalath
The chapter length doesn't matter. Using the same style, in most cases, would be mandatory. If the alternating chapters were each narrated by a different character, then it would actually benefit the final product to have the writers use dissimilar styles.
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Keysha Keysha
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