My ex is closing the child support case and I am still paying, puzzled?

My ex is closing the child support case and I am still paying, puzzled? Topic: Mental case support
June 17, 2019 / By Averill
Question: Ok my ex lied to the child support court. I kept paying as I live out of state and the ex kept collecting the money and the kids were taken and put in foster care system due to neglect by ex. Ex was supposed to give state money back when they found out but did NOT! Ex signed an order as part of case plan to get one of two kids back from the states custody.Ex as of that time collected over 3000 from me and still has not paid the state for the kids placement.What will they do about it if anything? As of today one kid in care and other home with ex. Still ex accepts support from me for BOTH children. Now I get a letter that case is being closed for child support ? When it is closed do I keep PAYING or what? Kid is 16 and other will be 18 in a week and does not ever want anything to do with ex or live with me ( parent alienation)n stays in foster home actually requested to stay there! You know if this was WELFARE from the government and not me - my Ex would be arrested and jailed for FRAUD!!! But I guess a private citizen like me has NO RIGHTS! RIGHT? LOOK DAG NABIT THE ONLY thing the SYSTEM cares about is that u pay the money. It took years of documentation apparently to get these kids away from the ex! I am 5 states away so I had NO idea and they were too scared to tell me! The little visitation I was given was at the hands of the ex and when violence must have gon on I was denied sometimes I guess so I would not see the bruises?I was recently sent the list of reports by many people down there who reported possible abuse ( no names of course) it is 2 pages! Why does it take 5 years to remove children? I don't know. If it takes a VILLAGE TO raise a child then Florida's village SUCKS! Mental and emotional means NOTHING TO THE JUDGE! Get over yourself!
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Virginia Virginia | 2 days ago
The dumb one here is you, as you should have requested a modification to have the money going to the state. She is under no legal obligation to tell them anything. The state should have picked up on the fact you were paying and made the change. However, you have not said who moved and who has jurisdiction? If you state does, they might be sending the money directly to her in a way of a cash card, rather then through the state she lives in. If that is the case, she might have told the state that she does not know who or where you are for them to file on you. The states do not talk to each other except to file enforcement actions, so they would not know, which also means it was your responsibility to request the modification as much as her. Finally, why didn't you file for custody when the children were in state care? http://childsupportrights.org/WhatPayersNeed2Know
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Shaniqua Shaniqua
Parental Alienation is a form of child abuse. I could care less about the money. Pay it, don't pay it. What I want to know is what have you DONE to sort out the mental and emotional health of your children/child? What have you done other than pay money? If you pay, you are obviously not homeless so where have you been?
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Orabel Orabel
''it takes a village'' is a communist mindset said by Hillary Clinton you're half responsibe for bringing those kids into this world, you needed to fly there long ago and work on establishing a raltionship, as for the 18 its time to stop the child support but i would forget about getting money back.
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Mahlah Mahlah
Call her state's CSEA and inform them of what is going on. You are probably not going to get a dime from her. You can take her back to court, but that will cost you even more money.
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