I hate my boyfriend's sister. HELP?

I hate my boyfriend's sister. HELP? Topic: The sisters brothers review
June 17, 2019 / By Aylmer
Question: ok so i hate my boyfriends sister and i really need help because im considering breaking it off with him because of her... he is her younger brother so i get that she is protective and im also an only child so i dont know what it is like to have and brothers or sisters.. but like he would bend over backwards for her i and i feel like he wouldnt ever do anything for me.. we've been going out for over a year and half and i just cant take it anymore.. i dont know if maybe once she gets married and starts her on life she;ll lay off of his but she always has to have everything her way and butts into our relationship.. like if my and him get into a fight shes mad at me as well.. like we're supposed to be friends.. but i cant stand her anymore.. i dont know how to deal with it and i really love my boyfriend but its gotten to point where when he tells me hes going to see her im peeved.. please someone give me some advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Vivyan Vivyan | 5 days ago
it really depends on how close you and your boyfriend are, and also how serious you are. i used to have problems with my now fiances sister - to sum it up - one day out of nowhere she came screaming at me calling me a 'nothing' and that SHE was his sister, well believe me since then my fiance has not said a word to his sister - he never saw her again. he chose me over her -and we have since been engaged and soon to be married!!! so in regards to not so serious relationships, he may choose his sister over you, but if he truly loves you and believes in a future with you, he will certainly choose you over her - in life the wife/husband will (almost) always come first - people get out of their nappies and create their new family and thats what comes as a priority - NOT siblings. it really depends on the maturity of your man really. i would have a chat with him and voice to him your feelings. if you truly dont think you will come first or he will try to change the situation so you dont feel so bad, then the future is looking dull. any person that allows their sister/brother to come in between their relationship is a loser - that is overstepping BOUNDARIES and is very unhealthy. if he wont change now - he never will, then YOU will have to review your priorities and your life with this man.
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Vivyan Originally Answered: I hate my sister! >:'(?
haha you remind me of my brother. This answer is going to piss you off, but unfortunately, its the truth. You will realize it when you get older. Stop being immature, and leave it alone! if you say your sister is such a baby, then why does she always get her way? maybe because when she does, you freak out and pitch a hissy fit, and in turn your parents dont do anything for you. And as far as hanging out with your friends?? your 13. I seriously doubt you are asking to go see a pg-13 movie with parent permission. You are probably asking to get into R rated movies, and go to a friends house with no parent home, etc. You are still a child. And while you dont realize that yet, you will. So, my friend, when you are 19 or 20? Give me a call.. I promise you will see how immature all of this is and you will be much closer to your sister. Good luck = )

Shannen Shannen
Okay, I had this while I was once sixteen-17. I was once going out with a man who is sister hated me. She not ever advised me so, however she made it very very transparent by way of her movements. It grew to become out that she was once sour and jealous of our courting and our formative years. She have been unmarried for a while (she was once 23) and she or he additionally bought knocked up while she was once sixteen and felt she had wasted her formative years, so did not like to peer us having a laugh while she had plenty of accountability at our age. It might even be that she suspects that you simply manage your bf. I recognise that older sisters and moms regularly have a tendency to peer their son's gf as being manipulative, in view that they had been at that age. What I could do is, surely have a talk along with your bf, now not like you are tattling on her or something, however simply permit him recognise that she has stated this (and stated to not say something to him). It could be worse for the connection should you stored it to your self, in view that in case your bf by chance unearths out, you are going to must give an explanation for why you could not be open and sincere with him within the first situation. I could mainly ask him to not confront his sister, however simply be certain that you do not must spend an excessive amount of time round her. If he cares approximately you, he's going to appreciate. 'Bout the hating? Don't fear an excessive amount of. Not every body on this international is gonna such as you, and it kind of feels she has no truly intent to hate you, so it is anything in HER that's improper, now not in YOU. That's if you're telling the reality and don't seem to be antagonising her! lol Good good fortune.
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Orchid Orchid
Uhm.. Let's see. Tell your boyfriend's sister that you asked Yahoo! Answers for help because you hated her and you might get a punch in the face.. and then that settles it! Good luck ;)
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Makayla Makayla
if you love your boyfriend do not end the relationship because of his sister, that is not worth it trust meeeeee i hate alot of girls my age...and the way i deal with that is ignoring them aswell it works if you dont like a person dont stress over because of them, i have gone past that and i realized it was a waste of time sitting their and trying to act like you like them in which you dont.......ignore her as if she is not their!
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Makayla Originally Answered: Why cant I live with my sister when we are in foster care? I hate this?
You need to speak with your caseworker about this, and ask for a written notification of the findings that led to the separation from your sister. If either of you is in a therapeutic foster home, it may be that one of you has a need to work on your own issues. If one of you is significantly older than the other, they may feel one of you has been a parental figure to the other and needs to "learn to be a kid." If you are both old enough, and can contact each other, I believe you should campaign to be placed together as soon as possible. The longer you are placed apart, the more likely it is that they will make a permanency plan that has you placed separately -- assuming your parents are not going to regain parental rights and you are likely to be free for adoption. If you are or might be already legally free for adoption, go to AdoptUSKids.org and see what your profile says. If the worker has you placed separately and states that your plan is to be permanently placed apart, you have your work cut out for you, because they have somehow already determined you cannot be together -- ever. All hope is not lost, however. If you don't fight, you know they will win. Demand a guardian ad litem to represent your mutual interests with your sister's in the case to terminate your parents' rights, or if they've already been terminated (or it's a different situation like a death) to petition the court to not be separated. If you get no response from your caseworker, or you feel CAS is playing you, go to the mattresses. Get a petition going, contact the citizens' complaint website at your state governors' office, mutually start a Facebook page with your sister (to show us in the public that you both wish to remain together) to gain publicity and support, and call legal aid in your community to see if you can get a pro bono lawyer for your case. It may be a matter of convenience for them -- that you will each be more adoptable on your own instead of together. But you and I know you two are better together --right? (In helping you with all this, I pray that it's true and that there has not been abuse or worse between you two). They may perceive, if you are a brother, and particularly an older one, that you would prey on her. Sick as that sounds to you I'm sure. They may perceive, regardless of your gender, that the two of you together are manipulative or something. If you have behaved in a manipulative way in the past, it's no more than was modeled at home, or was done out of fear of abandonment by your family and/or this very nightmare -- being separated and/or sent away. Duh. Good luck to you.

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