Please help me with my grammar homework, what did I get wrong? 5 stars to whoever helps?

Please help me with my grammar homework, what did I get wrong? 5 stars to whoever helps? Topic: Homework musical
July 17, 2019 / By Aylward
Question: Please see if these answers are right. Thank you if you can see which ones I got wrong and such. Trust me, it will be quicker than it looks. (Instructions) Underline the subject once and the verbs twice in the following sentences. Insert the proper punctuation at the end of each sentence. If the subkect is understood to be you, write (You) after the sentence. 1. The frisky colt trotted into the yard and laid its head on my shoulder. [SUBJECT: colt, VERB: trotted] 2. Have you ever heard of the ancient city of Byzantium [SUBJECT: (you), VERB: heard] 3. Stop that at once [SUBJECT: (you), VERB: stop] 4. Isn't the Big Dipper part of the constellation Ursa Major [SUBJECT: Big Dipper, VERB: Isn't] 5. Ask me no questions [SUBJECT: (you), VERB: ask] 6. Should there always be nuts and raisins in a good fruitcake [SUBJECT: (you), VERB: there] 7. Argentine gauchos and North American cowboys were expert riders of horses [SUBJECT: riders, VERB: were] 8. George Gershwin wrote several musicals and composed an opera [SUBJECT: George Gershwin, VERB: wrote ] 9. Is there a doctor in the house [SUBJECT: (you),VERB: is] 10. The modern nation of Israel came into existence in 1948 [SUBJECT: Israel , VERB: came ] 11. Boomerangs have been used for hunting since ancient times [SUBJECT: Boomerangs ,VERB: have ] 12. Didn't the trumpeter swan almost become extinct [SUBJECT: swan, VERB: become] 13. After Hanukah and Christmas comes New Year's Day [SUBJECT: New Year's Day, VERB: comes] 14. Can there ever be an end to war [SUBJECT: (you) , VERB: ever] 15. Volleyball has been an olympic sport since 1964 [SUBJECT: Volleyball ,VERB: has ] 16. Act soon [SUBJECT: (you), VERB: act] (INSTRUCTIONS) Each of the following groups of words is a sentence, a fragment, or a run-on. Identify each by writing S, F, or R on the line provided. 1. Worked out last night at the gym. (F) 2. The noise bothered us we couldn't think. (R) 3. Are there any other volunteers? (S) 4. Helped us with our work. (F) 5. Come over after school. (S) 6. Dictionaries give definitions, they are helpful to writers. (S) 7. Use the soap and the towels in the left drawer. (S) 8. The firefighters on the way to the fire. (F)
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Best Answers: Please help me with my grammar homework, what did I get wrong? 5 stars to whoever helps?

Vonda Vonda | 6 days ago
Wow! The only ones you got right in the first 16 were 3 and 16. You really need to review your grammar rules. You have too many mistakes to list.
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Vonda Originally Answered: I need grammar helps?
I essentially agree with JDW above, except that I still use 'nowadays' and don't consider it archaic (though some people consider me archaic). It may be argued that you 'enroll in A school', but I believe that the term 'enroll in school' is firmly established in English and is suitable for formal writing. I think 'trajectory of success' is a good metaphor, assuming the context supports it. The change of 'many of us' to 'us' was a substantive revision of what you said, not just a correction, again assuming the context supports that. The replacement of 'these people' by 'one of these' may have some basis - would need full context to determine. In short, these appear to be hypercorrections. However, there is one I probably would make. That correction would be "she enrolled in kindergarten." I would think someone of that age did not perform the action herself and would change that to passive voice: "she was enrolled in..."
Vonda Originally Answered: I need grammar helps?
Somethings she said were right... Others don't sound right to me. She enrolled in a kindergarten CLASS maybe. But kindergarten can stand alone. Trajectory is spelled right but I would have to know what context you used. If you meant the path or progression of success, then it is correct. "I told her all the secrets I dare not share with other people," is more correct. Nowadays isn't a word but more of a slang term people began to use a while back. Today or presently is better for your essay. The rest of that sentence sounds fine the way it is. You should switch teachers... or at least tough it out until the school year is up.
Vonda Originally Answered: I need grammar helps?
right check this out 1) "a kindergarten" is correct, just like you enrol in a school, not in school. 2) trajectory of success doesnt sound correct, maybe you wanted to say something else and used the word trajectory instead. 3) dare not share is correct. 4) the corrections for para 4 are all correct. to sum it up my dear, essay writing is different to penning down thoughts. in an essay, you show your literary skills, therefore your teacher has pointed out the "literary" mistakes, nothing else. Hope this helps.

Shannon Shannon
a million. almost (adv.) Died (mod.) 2. Silently (adv.) Wrapped (mod.) 3. unexpectedly (adv) Exploded (mod) 4. by danger (adv) Dropped (mod) 5. frequently (adv) Used (mod) 6. Sleep (adv) outdoors (mod) 7. Flying (adv) Away (mod) 8. quite much (adv) minutes (mod) 9. Taking (adv) Steps (mod) 10. Very (adv) brave (mod)
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How about, "Are their potential negative psychological consequences attached to the practice of breastfeeding an older child?" (I assume that is where you are going with your argument)
Shannon Originally Answered: Breastfeeding toddlers and older children wrong? (essay help) 5 stars?
you've done what you imagine is optimal on your little ones. For me in my view, i'd have weaned them off myself plenty previously. i'd say the longest might want to be till finally they could drink out of a sippy cup or carry their bottle themselves. i imagine it is all about transforming into up, leaving particular toddler behaviour contained in the again of them, and being slightly more suitable self sufficient, ideal as independant as a toddler or toddler might want to be. it is like bathing inclusive of your toddler, it is tremendous jointly as their little yet they get larger and ask questions and could no longer be uncovered to their mom and pop with out their outfits on. you also do no longer desire your toddler to commence up college or maybe if pick to be breastfeeding. in my view i does no longer ask my toddler jointly as they had to be weaned, i'm the ascertain and that i'd make the alternative. yet do what ever you imagine is sweet, your little ones are loved and that is all that rather concerns!

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