He broke my external hard drive, lost all my documents and didn't offer to replace it?

He broke my external hard drive, lost all my documents and didn't offer to replace it? Topic: About writing a home offer
July 16, 2019 / By Aymery
Question: My boyfriend mishandled my 500GB external hard drive, causing it to break, and losing ALL of my important documents. This happened like 2 months ago and he has not offered to replace it... I feel like I am in a very awkward situation because I don't know how to approach him on this in a tactful manner... Today, I casually asked him 'so what are we gonna do about my hard drive?" his response was "what you want me to pay for it?" He just seemed disgusted and put-off by me that I backed down and retreated to my bedroom... How can I be more assertive but still courteous in this situation? Jennifer & Jonas, you guys are so right. I'm really behaving like a doormat. I've become so preoccupied with not stepping on his toes, that I've denied myself of my basic rights in this relationship. Thanks @ Fierce, I am really beginning to see that 'jerk' side of him. I know what I want him to do, it's just he was so nasty when I tried to bring it up that I was caught off guard. I really didn't expect him to be so rude about it.
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Vonnie Vonnie | 7 days ago
Judging by your story, you have many more issues than being reimbursed monetarily by your boyfriend. However, let's forget for a few minutes that he's your boyfriend, and instead treat him as any other acquaintance. What would you do in that case? If someone obviously mishandles or mistakenly breaks something of value, and then does not immediately offer to fix, replace, or pay for it, you have choices. None of those involve a passive-aggressive "so what are we gonna do about ". Instead, you ask point-blank "I was wondering if you would reimburse me for the that you broke last week. I need a new one to do as soon as possible." Do this in verbal form first, and then if a reimbursement isn't received within a couple days, send a written note. If after a written note the issue is not taken care of, I suggest you drop the issue with the person, eat the cost (500gb is less than $50 these days if I'm not mistaken) of buying a new hard drive, and seriously reconsider letting that person into your home and near your valuables-- let alone remaining your trusted friend. Hope that helps a little.
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I would be cheaper to buy a new drive and install it than buying an external one. You just need to take off your casing, undo a few screws, put a new drive in connect a cable and power lead and put the case back on. Then install a driver. It may sound daunting for someone to open up there pc for the first time, do your research first though look up how-to guides. An external one will be twice the price

Shantae Shantae
I'm going to say the thing you don't probably want to hear. If you love your documents, if you would be horrified to lose them, if you want to keep them safe... DO NOT put the only copy you have on an external hard drive. Even without careless boyfriends, they are not reliable long term storage. I use mirrored internal drives in my computer and put backup copies on DVD for files I would be devastated to lose. But yes, if he was handling the device negligently, and damaged it as a result, he should pay for it to be replaced with one of equal or better value. Anyone who doesn't is an irresponsible and inconsiderate cretin. Tell him that you aren't asking him to do anything you wouldn't do yourself, or expect someone close to you to do. Its only fair that since he deprived you of the item that he replace it. If he can't see that, you've got a BF who cares little about your respect, possessions and feelings. Never let him touch your stuff again, not to borrow, not to look at, not to use. Tell him why. Don't give in.
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Oriane Oriane
Ahh... it's your boyfriend. The moment he broke it I would have chewed him out. Tactful? Just tell him that yes, you do want him to pay for it. I hope he doesn't do this often with you... treat you like a doormat. Sounds like you live with him. Hun, if he is being this disrespectful over a hard drive, do you really want a long-term relationship with this guy?
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Makenna Makenna
You have to know what you want him to do... Hoping he's going to actually tell you he's going help you pay for it or help you figure out a plan is not going to happen obviously. Tell him how you feel, and what's your plan to solve all your problems. You don't seem sure about what you want him to do for you, and that's a problem. If he feels he shouldn't have to pay for all your hard work or whatever, then you should ditch him and move on, seems to me he's a jerk.
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Kierra Kierra
Getting an external case,(make sure its for a 2.5 inch drive) and probably through usb plug it into your desktop. It wont hurt your files at all.
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Jami Jami
maybe offer to split it, say like i know you were trying to help me with this but it was mishandled and i really need a working one, lets see how much a new one will be and could yo help me out with it
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