How to train a older parrot to trust?

How to train a older parrot to trust? Topic: Train case set
June 24, 2019 / By Azaniah
Question: We got our Parrot from people that couldn't handle him because if any human gets close to him he Screams wildly but he is much better now and I keep him in my room he talks a lot even when I am in the room but the thing is he won't get out of the cage unless he is alone in the room and if u come back inside he flies around screaming..... Then after a while he calms down and he will climb on to my arm and direct to my shoulder. He won't go back to the cage if I carry him, he flies again screaming to the bottom of the cage and climb it himself to get in ? Any advise please
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Wenda Wenda | 9 days ago
It sounds like you can win with him. Gaining his trust is fairly simple. Just be there for him and talk to him. It sounds like he already likes you.A word of warning if he is still a little freaked out now and then, it may pay to keep him off your shoulder, just in case he decides to bite you. At this time you need to gain his confidence and his trust. Read up on Positive Reinforcement Training, this will help you set up a good relationship. If he bonds with you all will be good, in my opinion. You could join us on Tailfeathers and we can help there without some of the bad advice you get here. Jeff b: You obviously have no Idea off how to care for a bird. Clipping is cruel and using dominance. The bird need love and reassurance do you think clipping it's wing feather are going to do that? Why you work with flighted birds is so that it can fly away from you when it wants to. And when they come to you or stay with you it is because they want that. As for the bird flying into things when flighted, it is just worse when they have to concentrate on flight when clipped. Most birds that die from keel bone damage are clipped birds.
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Shantelle Shantelle
One of the best ways to get control is to clip its wings. Having the bird be able to launch itself away everytime it wants to is an easy way for the bird to continue this behavior. It can also be hurt by flying into objects. Once the birds wings are clipped it will have to depend on you more to get back to its cage. Then its just a matter of time to build trust. Spend lots of quality time outside the cage with him and make sure he gets a good quality diet and plenty of toys. Make sure that perches and stands are not higher than you or you give the bird a dominant position.
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Orla Orla
it is okay in case you do no longer clip it is wings, i locate it unnatural for a chook which became made to fly made to stroll all it is existence. do merely no longer open living house windows ect. close to the place your parrot maintains to be. set up extra have confidence with your parrot and supply him or her a cope with while it does some thing you choose it to do. It relies upon on success. prepare it to fly from it is perch to you via preserving some thing it likes to consume over your arm. i guess that those birds with clipped wings will no longer be able to get their birds to try this
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