Need some IPO clarification?

Need some IPO clarification? Topic: Web article writing service
June 24, 2019 / By Azarael
Question: Writing an article on IPOs and have to answer the following question: How does the underwriting institution of the IPO mitigate informational asymmetries? I am a little confused what the question is asking. Is this question referring to the "road-shows" that investment banks go on to promote the new IPO?
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Wendi Wendi | 10 days ago
Vringo, the video ringtone and sharing firm based in New York City, has filed for a $64.312 million IPO, according to its SEC document. About 10 days ago we mentioned in a tweet that the company had raised about $3 million in new debt financing in form a bridge note. Founded in 2006, the last previously reported round for the company was a $12 million round in 2007, led by PE firm Warburg Pincus. It has raised a total of $17.5 million since inception. Warburg owns about 31.9 percent of the company, and judging from the state of the business (see S-1 details below) looks like the PE firm forced its hand in pushing this through. Vringo’s service is an application that needs to be downloaded onto compatible handsets (says more than 200). Users can create or take video, images and slideshows from library and Web, and make it into their call signature. Also, in a reverse of ringback tones, Vringo also has a more gimmicky tech called VringForward, that lets its users select which video ringtone their friends will see when they call.
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