Do I use quotation marks for 3rd person narration?If not, how do I cite?

Do I use quotation marks for 3rd person narration?If not, how do I cite? Topic: Essay on narration
July 16, 2019 / By Azareel
Question: I am doing an essay on A Good Man is Hard to Find. It is narrated in 3rd person. In order to pull out exact text of Flannery O Conners story, do I have to use quotations or just parenthetical citation? I do not want to quote anything a character says. Only the exact paragraph as the author has it . How do I do this ? Do I use quotes and cite the author, even though she isnt speaking? Do I use another parenthetical citation? How do I properly cite this? thx
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Best Answers: Do I use quotation marks for 3rd person narration?If not, how do I cite?

Wendy Wendy | 1 day ago
if you want to use the exact words of the text, you should use quotes, no matter if it's a character speaking or if it's the author. For example you write: ... "this is the quoted text" (ll. 5-17) ... hope i could help
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relies upon. classes consistently bypass interior. comparable with commas. Colons and semi-colons consistently bypass exterior. it fairly is because of fact a colon or semi-colon on the top of a citation is by no ability a mandatory element of the unique citation. question marks and exclamation factors bypass interior if and provided that they are element of the citation. once you're quoting somebody asking a question, the question mark is going interior. once you're asking a question a pair of fact somebody made, the question mark is going exterior. This distinguishes your reason from the reason of the guy being quoted.
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