What if Hulk Hogan changed TNA to a PG show and made AJ Styles the New John Cena?

What if Hulk Hogan changed TNA to a PG show and made AJ Styles the New John Cena? Topic: What is creative writing style
June 24, 2019 / By Azriel
Question: What would you do what would you say ???hell what would you wanna do if you could do the 1 thing you wanted to do
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Best Answers: What if Hulk Hogan changed TNA to a PG show and made AJ Styles the New John Cena?

Willa Willa | 7 days ago
That wouldn't work, It won't drive new fans to TNA or even help AJ Styles, it'll just make them a copy of WWE, and would pretty much be pointless, since there already is a WWE and there already is a John Cena, and since TNA doesn't have as much money pumped into it's Promotion as WWE does, TNA would just be a poor version of WWE! Basically, AJ Styles should be the best AJ Styles he can be, and not be trying to copy anyone to gain ratings for TNA (besides, it doesn't work, look at what TNA has done to AJ's Character, many consider him to be The Nature Boy version 2.0 now), besides, AJ is Phenomenal in the Ring, so there really is no need for him to immitate Cena or any other star's style! AJ needs to be his own Man! As far as PG goes, it will still have the same writers, and if you don't like what they are writing when they have more creative freedom with the TV 14 ratings, I really doubt anyone will like what they write when they get limited to TV PG, even though everyone says TV ratings doesn't matter, it would limit what TNA could show and some of the better stuff they do! Basically TNA was doing everything right before Hogan showed up, then when Hogan got there, it became this weird mess of a show, LOL, which is kind of a cross between what TNA use to be, and what Hogan and Bischoff is trying to make TNA into!
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I'd say by than, John Cena will most likely return to the WWE Championship picture. I'd say John Cena by Summerslam could face either a top heel currently on Raw for the WWE title. Which basically means that heel would have dethroned CM Punk of the WWE Championship. With that being said I could see John Cena facing someone like a Daniel Bryan, Lord Tensai, or even a Dolph Ziggler at Summerslam.

Sharmain Sharmain
Oddly adequate this comes from a John Cena fan (ish), yet AJ varieties has extra expertise than Cena does. in my opinion, AJ is an greater wrestler, yet Cena is larger on the microphone. In TNA the place wrestling means money owed for extra, that is solid. interior the WWE, means on the mic potential extra. So John Cena is the face of the WWE.
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Page Page
Never watch TNA again, I guess. It's my only hope for violence-ness. Lol. Anyway, people are comparing Abyss to Cena.
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Mamie Mamie
Wouldn't surprise me. Hogan will just be finding more ways to destroy TNA, as if he didn't destroy it enough
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Kimberlyn Kimberlyn
I would say f*ck you Hogan and stop watching TNA. The one thing I would want to do is fire Hulk Hogan.
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Janessa Janessa
LOL at first answer Thinking the same thing By TNA and WWE. Hello ROH CZW AAA CMLL Shimmer DGUSA and other promotion I can get my hands on
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