Your walking down the street then. OH NO?

Your walking down the street then. OH NO? Topic: Homework you stink
June 24, 2019 / By Azuriah
Question: What did you step in? Funniest answer wins! Rules: 1. No saying gum, dog poo, or puddle. To been there done that. 2. It doesnt have to be something youve done before. 3. Goodluck! Uh wait just so you dont get the confused, your on the sidewalk not the street
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Willow Willow | 8 days ago
a glop of mustard from someones hot dog. you try to get it off by wiping it with a random piece of paper that is your homework. you get to school and you give your homework to your teacher and he asks what happens. you say that your dog was playing in your mom's rose bush and the dog got a cut. then the dog went up to your room and found your homework on the floor and accidentally spilled blood on it. your teacher sent you to detention and you tripped into a garbage can. you ended up stinking for the whole day. sorry it's so long.
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Sharmaine Sharmaine
walked into a pole worse i did was walked into a motorbike owwwwww.....wince and it was the sidewalk
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