Immigration marriage laws?

Immigration marriage laws? Topic: Law case status
June 17, 2019 / By Baalzebub
Question: to marry a citizen to become a citizen yourself, do you have to have come to the US legally like with a visa? if you came to the US illegally can you still file for a marriage license?
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Wilma Wilma | 9 days ago
First, marriage to a US citizen NEVER confers citizenship to the foreign spouse. It only makes the foreign spouse eligible to apply for legal permanent residence (a.k.a. green card); and even then, there is no guarantee that the green card will be granted. After having been married to that US citizen AND having had legal permanent residence for 3 years, then the foreign spouse can apply for citizenship. Yes, there is a specific visa class (K-1, a.k.a. fiance visa) for foreigners to enter the US with intent to marry a US citizen. The K-1 is applied for by the US citizen on behalf of their foreign fiance. If you are in the US illegally, you can apply for a marriage license in most cases. While state laws apply here, as far as I know most states do not inquire as to your immigration status when you apply for a marriage license. Therefore illegals are free to get married to US citizens. However, and unlike people with, for example, a K-1 visa, illegals may not apply for a green card upon getting married. They have to voluntarily depart the US and their US spouse must apply for a spousal visa so the foreign spouse can be allowed to re-enter the US legally and seek to obtain a green card. That's the gist of it.
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Sharon Sharon
If you came to the US illegally you can still file for a marriage license. To become a citizen yourself, you do not have had to have come to the US legally (with a visa or otherwise). Furthermore, you can apply at any point in time after your marriage (although you may need to show proof that your marriage was not just for citizenship if less than 2 years). Please refer to www.uscis.gov to get ALL the information.
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Paige Paige
this is not truly the regulations that ought to alter, however the exams that bypass into each case. The regulations have been notably lots an identical for fairly a whilst (apart from the creation of IMBRA (international Marriage broking provider regulation Act). greater exams are being performed although, and by capacity of all bills this is not as elementary because it become to make it to PR prestige with a fraudulent marriage. you ought to have submitted data of assembly for the preliminary application, you ought to attend an interview in guy or woman the place you ought to be asked for data of an ongoing courting, and that's just to get the K1 visa. while it comes time to get the PR prestige (and that's in basic terms conditional prestige that lasts 2 years) you're able to get the better half or yet another US citizen to pass right into a very strict contract with the U. S. government to assist the immigrant, a freelance that doesn't end if the couple divorce (this could placed off US electorate prepared to be a area of a marriage of convenience because of the fact they had nevertheless be financially responsible for the immigrant even after the immigrant have been given their 2 300 and sixty 5 days green card and the couple divorced). After those 2 years, you're able to bypass by using yet another set of exams to get unconditional PR prestige. For this you ought to instruct greater data of an ongoing and authentic marriage, which comprise shared substances and costs, named beneficiaries on insurance plans etc. you in addition to mght could nevertheless be married to the U. S. citizen to be waiting to coach for this removing of situations (inspite of the actuality that waivers could be made if the couple have been divorced, yet that waiver nevertheless has to comprise data as suggested above as an occasion that it become a authentic marriage and did no longer end because of the fact of strikes of the immigrant). If at any step interior the approach (which by capacity of the time of removing of situations could have taken a minimum of three years of a courting) USCIS feels that the marriage isn't authentic then technique on the case can grant up for an prolonged time or the purposes be outright rejected without suited to charm (different than for removing of outrage purposes, they are able to be appealed) and the immigrant faraway from the rustic. some cases do get by using, yet i could want to think of no the place as many as used to.
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Mandy Mandy
If a person comes in legally and they marry a US citizen then the person does not need to go back to their country of origin to get permission to enter the US with a green card instead he/she can apply from the US to get the green card. Going thru the consulate is not easy and the US usually pardons one time of coming into the country illegally but anything more will cost a $1,000 pardon fee and then just hope that it will get pardoned because not all of them do. Good Luck!
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