Why is my Sims 3 game taking so long to download?

Why is my Sims 3 game taking so long to download? Topic: Disc case size
June 17, 2019 / By Baal-Zebub
Question: I have been playing Sims for almost 2 years now. I Just got a new 4GB Asus laptop today and am wanting to download my Sims 3. It has been "downloading" for almost 20 minutes and is at 0% still. Can somebody tell me why it is taking so long? Or is it normal? I don't remember HAVING to download it through Origin, but i could be wrong. Uuugh, Please help! :]
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Win Win | 10 days ago
There is a couple reasons why this would happen. 1. The game is has a lot of memory.( probably not the case, but could be). 2. There is a lock of some sort on the game and it won`t let you download it. ( possible) 3. The game size is very close to the capacity that your laptop can hold and it is taking up most of the memory on your computer. 4. If it is not an actual disc ( torrent or iso) it could most likely take a couple hours. Most torrents take a very long time to download. 5. If it is a disc, it could be scratched and you would probably have to clean it off if this were the case. ( I would recommend you use tooth paste to clean it, and even though it sounds weird, it works great. 6. There is something wrong with the download and you might just have to restart it. Hope these answers help :)
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Sharona Sharona
Origin Is The new EA Thing . All The downloads have to be made Though origin . The download May Take too Long because Of Your Internet Connection . It May be too slow .
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