No contest divorce?

No contest divorce? Topic: How much does it cost for a divorce in ga papers
June 17, 2019 / By Babe
Question: me and my husband recently agreed to get a divorce. i live in ga. is there anyone out there that can walk me through it on where we need to go and how to get the ball rollin. when we got married we went to the court house and got married it was simple to do can wwe find a simple method on how to get a divorce. also do you no how much it might cost. weve been together for 12yrs but weve deceided that the love is just not there anymore we want it to be quick and painless if that even possible please help.
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Winifred Winifred | 1 day ago
I also live in Georgia and I am divorced and we found an attorney in the paper in the classifieds. It was a noncontested divorce and I liked doing the divorce that way because it was simple. The attorney went to court for us for the divorce. We got the final divorce papers in the mail and that is how we knew that it was finally over. We filed on Oct. 30th and it was final Dec. 7th. It cost a little over $100. We filed for the divorce in Augusta, GA.
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Sharron Sharron
Ok, well it is pretty easy as long as you have no children or have property disagreements. Just call around to the cheapest divorce lawyer you can find 400-700 dollars. All you have is a questionere about your assets together and the ball gets going.All you have to do is make sure your spouse signs for the certified papers and then the clock start to countdown from then on out. Some states have a 30-60 day waiting period for the divorce to become final. Then all you have to is wait for a call to pick up your papers. Very painless as long as you both agree and no other lawyer is necessary.
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Paisley Paisley
If you and your husband agree on absolutely everything, you can file your own papers for your divorce, and it will only cost you the filing fee of around $300 or so, depending on the court. Go to your local courthouse and they can get you the paperwork, or direct you where to go. Then all you have to do is show up for the final hearing, and you're done. I'm sorry your marriage didn't work out, but I'm glad you and your husband are doing this in a mature way, not trying to hurt each other. God bless you both. I hope you both find happiness in the future.
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Marcelyn Marcelyn
do not know if this will help you but you see everyday in the daily papers in the classifieds of no contest divorces for i think $300 or around that figure
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Kingsley Kingsley
Try consulting with an inexpensive legal clinic in your town to find out all your options. Good luck.
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