The Raw Milk Conspiracy. is it really better to drink raw or pasteurized?

The Raw Milk Conspiracy. is it really better to drink raw or pasteurized? Topic: Fda research guidelines
July 17, 2019 / By Bailey
Question: Now as a kid we lived on farms all the way into my teens. I drank chilled raw milk straight from the cow, never hurt me. It wasnt boiled, or anything the most we did was skim the stuff off the top and strained it. I never got sick or overly fat. Fatness came later with cheese burgers, and laziness. Anyway I am hearing more and more that Pasteurized milk is not good for you. Raw is best. I agree, though my doctor does NOT recommend it for me as I am pregnant now. I am drinking processed Pasteurized milk for the time being but plan on going raw if I can find clear evidence and very GOOD pros and cons to it. Anyone have PROOF of it either way, anyone have some good guideline Websites with accredited information and not just crackpot, hippie hype? apparently some people didn't read this question properly, I need feed back and proof and links not your uneducated baloney. thanks for those that are actually answering this correctly. Pseudonym - I am not drinking raw while I am pregnant and dont plan too with out more evidence and doctors opinions. I am taking all precautions with my kids. also I am speaking of raw milk from Organic raised cows on a pasture regimen and checked for disease and infection regularly. I wouldnt be like drinking straight from there teats. YIKES
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Winnie Winnie | 2 days ago
im researching CON http://www.cdc.gov/healthypets/cheesespo... http://www.fda.gov/fdac/features/2004/50... PRO http://www.raw-milk-facts.com/raw_milk_h... http://www.lewrockwell.com/paul/paul422.html
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Winnie Originally Answered: Why do Australians drink so much full cream milk?
Well, my little Indepth Scientific Researcher I am surprised you have not quoted the years of research to back your arguments. And of course it is ONLY Australian women regardless of their ethnic origin who are so affected. So, fellow Aussie girls.... here is the answer to your problem. Big boobers, stop drinking milk and little boobers, up your milk intake to 4 litres/day and all our problems will be solved. Aussie men.... the mind boggles about what milk will do for you.

Sharyl Sharyl
I don't think FRESH milk from the cow has much problems, provided the teats were cleaned properly (they can get pretty bad!) and the milk went into clean containers, then chilled quick. But if the process was not done in a clean manor, the feces and other contaminates can certainly multiply bacteria quickly in such a protein rich medium. If you are confident of your sources - then by all means, drink away - humans have drunk it for a very long time. I also agree with skipping this while pregnant, and when you introduce your baby to cow milk as well - err on the side of caution till they are old enough to 'hold their own' against the little buggers.
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Pam Pam
Too many babies died prior to Pasteur's scientific discovery-- hence the necessity of the invention of pasteurization. I don't drink milk, but I'll err on the side of pasteurized any time, any day -- especially when it comes to my children.
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Marci Marci
I studied microbiology and my lecturers always used to chortle at the hippies and yummy mummies who believed in the health benefits of raw milk, not realising that they were drinking a cocktail of bacteria. I definitely would not drink it whilst you are pregnant. Take a look at this site: http://www.fda.gov/fdac/features/2004/50...
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Kirsteen Kirsteen
Have you tried Eating for Energy (120 raw food diet recipes) system? Go here : http://StayEatingRaw.com/Access . This might definitely help person!
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Kirsteen Originally Answered: What are the pros and cons of Soy Milk and Cow Milk?
Well, I recently did alot of research on soy milk and soy products. Soy milk has all the benefits of milk and more. It not only has the calcium and Vit D milk does, but also has other added and natural vitamins and minerals that milk doesnt have. However, the unfortunate thing about soy products is that they contain a large amount of phyto-estregens (plant esregens) in them, which can be great for helping out menopausal women but bad for nursing mothers. The added estrogen in soymilk may stop the production of milk in humans, which was the case for me, and it didnt take long to do so...about 24 hours. Plant estregens have been shown to increase estregen levels in women and men alike, so for women who already have high estrogen levels, soy may not be a good idea and may lead to heath problem. B=ut the benefits of soy definally outweight the risks, which are slim to none, and very few studies on these risks have been performed, so really it is inconclusive and varies from person to person. Milk However...clinical studies (that have not been payed for by the dairy industry) have proven milk to increase flem production, reduce voice clarity and contains high levels of antibiotics, hormones and steroids and other chemicals that humans do not need to add to their already unhealthy fast food diets. The hormones in milk and meat for that matter is the top suspision of children developing earilier in life and growing heavier. Another thing about soy milk is that some people that drink a cup a day have, some happily, have increased their bust size by a cupsize in 1 year, so that may be good for some people, bad for others. My opinion is that if you need milk, get organic, but I recommend sticking with soymilk instead, peopel in asia have been using soy products for hundreds of years and they are the country with the highest lifespans, so who knows. But humans are the only creatures on the earth that consume milk after infancy, let alone the milk from another species.

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