How do you get your life out of neutral?

How do you get your life out of neutral? Topic: Activities with newspaper articles
July 16, 2019 / By Bailie
Question: The last big accomplishment I made was getting into the top ten university that I'm now in but here it is two years later and I haven't done anything greater. I've haven't made any further accomplishments. I feel like I'm in neutral and every body else is speeding pass me. They have a saying that goes" If what you did yestersay still looks big then you haven't done anything today" ( or something along those lines). And I feel bad that something I did two yrs ago still looks big which shows I haven't done much of anything today!! How would you tackle such a dilemma??
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Winona Winona | 3 days ago
First, figure out what you want to do and why you think what you are doing now isn't getting you closer to your goals. Also, you need to remember some goals take a long time to achieve such as the degree you want or dream job. So, if your on track with a long term goal then maybe adding a few short term goals like joining an organization on campus, volunteering for a cause you believe in or even submitting an article to the campus newspaper will help you feel like your doing something with your life while you slowly make progress on a larger goal. After all attending a top ten university probably took you 4 years of hard work and good grades to do. Big accomplishments always take time; keep yourself motivated and energized by adding new activities, friends or even just by visiting somewhere you've never been. You might just be bored rather than lacking in new accomplishments.
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Sharyn Sharyn
I am not sure, maybe you are just in a rut, you seem pretty intelligent, maybe you are doing greater things, but they are just not as important to you. Maybe try picking up a hobby or an extra class, you can really do anything you want if you set your mind to it, I wish I could have been more help, Good Luck
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