Can you go to jail for unpaid medical bills?Please help?

Can you go to jail for unpaid medical bills?Please help? Topic: Cover letter for student nurse
June 17, 2019 / By Baily
Question: The other day I get a letter in the mail from collections saying that I owe thousands of dollars to the hospital from when my son was born.. that was 2 years ago & I was on medicaid.. & was supposed to be fully covered. No one ever even told me that I owed anything.. & I shouldn't anyways. Well anyways the collections calls me today & says that if I don't pay in full today that I will be prosecuted, go to court & possibly jail. I have 30 dollars in my checking account & the amount they say I owe is more then I make in a month.. I'm a full time nursing student. They were really mean to me when I tried to explain & didn't seem to care if I had the money or not.. just that I better get it or else.. I'm so scared now & I've been crying for like an hour.. how can they do this? And why hasn't someone told me before now? And I was on medicaid.. this doesn't make any sense.. what do I do? Please help?
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Best Answers: Can you go to jail for unpaid medical bills?Please help?

Winter Winter | 4 days ago
there getting what they want upsetting you ~calm down he-- they cant take blood from a turnip i dont believe u will need to call medicaid and then if worse comes to worse file bankrupt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Shauna Shauna
You cannot go to jail for unpaid bills. But the collections people can make your life hell. There are several possibilities here. * Someone stole your identity & it is THAT person who owes the money, not you, because medicaid paid all your bills * The hospital submitted all the bills to your insurance, which paid SOME of the bills, and it really did take 2 years for medicaid to fight it out with the hospital how much they were going to pay, now the hospital is coming after you to pay the difference between the original bills minus what medicaid paid, plus interest and charges for the time between when the bills really due and now. You should have got some statements at the time that your son was born, showing the totals of your treatment, that medicaid was supposed to have paid. You should also have got something from medicaid showing what they did. You should ask the hospital for copies of the original bills for comparison with what they now say you owe so you can see if medicaid paid anything, or if there was a screwup between the hospitla and medicaid. Then you need to ask medicaid for an explanation of the unpaid expenses. I also suggest you have a friend who has a digital camera go photograph everything you own ... car, what's in your home, etc. because the collections people may break into your home and take your belongings to sell them to pay for what they say you owe ... you will need to have evidence of what was yours, to show the police when you report the robbery, and to show your insurance company what you lost. The video tape should go into a bank safety deposit box.
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Pamelia Pamelia
No, you can't go to jail. When you get a phone call from a collection agency write down the time of day, where you are at the time ( work is a no,no) and most important of all who the person is. I was told by a lawyer many years ago never to pay a collection agency, your debt is with in your case the hospital not the agency. When you get a bill from them write on the envelope the day you receive it and don't lose it. You may be in a position to file a harassment complaint against them. Check with Medicare and see why the bill was not paid. If the bill was paid by them let them know what is going on. I had this happen just recently, I paid the hospital but the hospital never told the collection agency, in fact to tell you the truth I heard about it from the agency first and had to call the hospital to find out why they never told me, they didn't have a good answer.
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Marcie Marcie
No you will not go to jail. If the bill is not paid, they may seek a judgement against you for the debt.They may also report the debt to credit bureaus. 1.If you were active medicaid at the time...go to the medicaid office with a copy of the bill and any information from the collectors and about the collectors. if you were active and the medical bill is for services covered by your medicaid they should pay. If the first person you speak to at the medicaid office is not helpful ask to speak to a supervisor. 2. If you get no resolution from the Medicaid office. Ask the collection agency in writing for any and all information concerning the account. This makes them have to use their resources to support the claim. Make no verbal agreements. Get everything in writing. Collection agency employees are notorius for making verbal agreements and then your case gets swithched to another person and they know nothing about it. Put all request in writing.If it gets to a judgement status(you get summons to court) always file an "answer" in writing or get an attorney.
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Kirsti Kirsti
Relax Collection agencies do not make money unless they collect. They buy your debt from your creditor, actually paying them a percentage of what you owe. Then the debt becomes theirs. The hospital is satisfied and out of the picture, Now the collection agency must collect money from you or they lose whatever they paid to the hospital. They will use threats and deception to get you to pay. They do not want to lose. They will lie at every opportunity. The fact is, in the USA you cannot be prosecuted criminally for an outstanding debt. The best thing you can do is relax and stop worrying. The collection agency is the one who should worry. You are completely safe. It is illegal for the collection agency to harass you. You can prosecute them. Get the names of everyone who calls. They must answer you by law. Then ask to speak to a supervisor and order them to stop calling. The law says they must comply. They only get away with threats and harassment because you do not know your rights. Bill collectors are the lowest scum on the earth. .
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