Sauna or steam room? Best for spots/acne??

Sauna or steam room? Best for spots/acne?? Topic: Case steam
June 17, 2019 / By Baldwin
Question: Hi, Basically the gym that I go to has both a sauna and steam room. I have acne on my back and red patches on my face... Which one would be best to cure my acne? Thanks
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Wisdom Wisdom | 5 days ago
Try them both and see which one works better for you. Acne can be caused by a number of things. In many cases the deep clean you get from a hot bath in a sauna or steam room is just the trick to clear it up. In other cases, the heat from the sauna can make your acne worse.
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Wisdom Originally Answered: Is Sauna/Steam room Good or Bad for you?
The point when having a sauna is that you do what feels good. Apart from some rare cases like if you have heart problems or some problems with blood circulations, it is generally good for you. Though getting rid of toxins and all that is also nonsense. In the old days (like during a trench war) it was a very effective way to get rid of lice and such. Also in the old days everyone went to sauna to clean themselves and women gave birth to babies there because it was the cleanest place around and had warm water. There are no rules about how long you should stay or what you should do, though having a sauna while sick may not be a good idea but in some cases it may also help, it depends. You don't have to drink water if you don't feel like it, but in most cases people like to drink something. In the end is very simple: you do what feels good, without looking at the watch or anything like that.
Wisdom Originally Answered: Is Sauna/Steam room Good or Bad for you?
As long as you use the sauna and steam room in a normal fashion you're not going to experience any negative effects. Saunas and steam rooms do have some real health benefits (including benefits for your skin, respiratory systems, cardiovascular systems and stress management), but weight loss and detoxification are not among those. Sweating does not detoxify your body, and attempting to use a sauna to lose weight is not only pointless (you'll only lose water weight), but also dangerous because you'll likely become dehydrated. Serious dehydration can be deadly. In either enclosure, make sure you keep yourself hydrated. If you have any health concerns check with your doctor first. If you ever feel dizzy, light headed or nauseous in a sauna or steam room leave immediately. Over all, enjoy! A private steam room and sauna is a really great thing. You'll never have to worry about your wardrobe (or lack thereof) or having your bath interrupted by strangers again.
Wisdom Originally Answered: Is Sauna/Steam room Good or Bad for you?
Sauna/steam rooms are good for cleansing your pores to get rid of toxins and other gunk.but you must not use them if you suffer from high BP or heart problems. To reduce the likelihood of getting kidney stones from the severe dehydration you need to have a few scoops of water just before and just after.

Shavonne Shavonne
Steam is great for your skin because opens pores and flushes out any dirt, after the steam splash the affected spots with cold water (maybe a cold shower?) to close the pores which will prevent any new patches.
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