Can I use my ADD diagnoses to get my financial aid suspension lifted?

Can I use my ADD diagnoses to get my financial aid suspension lifted? Topic: Write letter regarding meeting
July 17, 2019 / By Ballard
Question: Ok. I recently was evaluated to see if I had ADD and found out that I do. I'm in my 2nd year of college and haven't done so good thus far.... I'm on suspension for financial aid and have already filed an appeal once. So, I was wondering if I presented the college with my doctor evaluation stating I have ADD would that be appropriate in terms of "re-consideration"/"waver" of the suspension? I don't like using it as a crutch... (and don't take meds for it) But this diagnoses really could be the reason for my bad grades, and now I could possibly improve because I'm aware of it... So, can my diagnoses get the suspension lifted?
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Wren Wren | 6 days ago
First, if you haven't already, go to your academic adviser and discuss this with them. Having documentation and a letter from your doctor regarding your ADHD will definitely help in an appeal, especially if you had no documentation from a doctor or anything in your first appeal. Usually without some type of documentation from a doctor or such, an appeal wont even be considered, so if you can provide that now that will definitely help your appeal. Like I said though, definitely meet with your adviser, go through what you want to write and ask them to help you with what you should write and include in your appeal. All I have to say is it definitely wont hurt to appeal again. Also, I would recommend getting on medication or something and outlining a plan of things you have done and are going to do to ensure the same thing wont happen again, and that you will pass all your classes. Just being diagnosed with ADHD shows them nothing of what has changed and what is different now that will ensure you to do better and why they should reinstate your Aid. Just having the knowledge that you have ADHD now wont change your ability to do any better, and what they are looking for in the appeal is the steps you have taken and will take and what is different now that will allow you to pass all your classes and such...
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Shawna Shawna
no, most likely not especially if you can only prove you have this & can not show that you have a solution to improve your ability to get through college --- especially given that it either is not bad enough to require medication or you are choosing to forgo medication even ADA accommodation in college are only about Access & not about Success in High School, ADD would get you accommodations that would be about accommodating for access as well as success you could talk with your adviser & the disability adviser at the college to see what their opinion would be.... but, again, I doubt that this is going to be enough to justify any remedy for you you could, in theory, prove to the school that your ability to get through school has improved by taking one or two classes at a time for a couple of semester & paying out of pocket... then if you succeed, you could see if they would consider placing you back on probation rather than suspension typically, once you are suspended, that is for good
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Pamila Pamila
No. ADD does not randomly occur in adults, if you have it you've had it all along. If you aren't on meds or being treated with therapy, you aren't treating it and thus cannot be expected to improve at all. If you start treating it and perform better in school, then maybe you can attribute your failures to it. Until then, you cannot blame your failures on ADD. To the answer encouraging you to ask for Adderall, try to avoid telling people to commit a FELONY.
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Mare Mare
Nope, probably not. Everyone and their brother has ADD nowadays. If you had problems studying why didn't you just get some Adderall from a friend? You can get that stuff like candy on college campuses.
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