Does anybody know the e-mail of any comic book artists or writers?

Does anybody know the e-mail of any comic book artists or writers? Topic: Homework writer
June 17, 2019 / By Ballinderry
Question: I have a homework assignment to interveiw someone in the carrer I wish to pursue and I would like to do someone in comics. I'll take anyone. I'd prefer writers but the assignment is due tommorrow and I need something.
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Best Answers: Does anybody know the e-mail of any comic book artists or writers?

Wynonna Wynonna | 8 days ago
There is usually a website that most comic book artists give out. There might be a "contact me" page that has the email address on it.
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Typically the comic book is worth more if it is signed directly on the comic book. The plastic sheet can be removed and replaced and potentially put on a different comic book if you were to sell it later down the road. Authors like Stan Lee do a good job of keeping the comic book nice and in the condition it came in. I recommend that you get the actual book signed and then CGC graded if you have other comics that you would like to preserve. The CGC doesn't just grade comics, but encapsulates them in one of the best storage devices aside from a safety deposit box. The encapsulated comic stays between the hard plastic case and even allows you to see the back cover instead of a bag and a board. It also gives your comic its own grade and information so that if you were to sell it later you don't have to be to worried about selling details. Once it is in the case, it is certified to stay in that condition unless it is opened up. All in all, you can go ahead and get both signed. I'm sure some super fan will pay money for even a ziploc bag signed by "The Stan Lee"
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You generally need to go to comic book conventions when those artists/writers are featured guests. Or, if they are not yet famous, do as I did and visit them while they are touring the (few) shops that carry their new title. That’s how I got Eastman and Laird’s autographs on my first six TMNT’s! Barring that, try writing to them c/o the publishers. If you ask politely, the may give you an appointment to come and they will autograph them for you. Or you could offer them a good steak dinner if they will meet you, etc, etc. Some writers (novelists, but hey, it costs nothing to ask) will autograph their works if you mail them to them with return postage and an SASE. Good luck! 7 MATY 07, 0543 hrs, GMT.
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Tricky question. Personally i would say the plastic, because even though the actual paper would be awesome, you just never know what will happen if he writes on it...will the marker pen go through? will it rip easily? so even though it would be much better to have it actually signed, i wouldn't risk it... maybe you could get him to sign the plastic and then the back cover on the inside? that way if something happens it won't affect it as much.

Shawnee Shawnee
Good job procrastinating. I don't think you're going to get an interview by tomorrow with anybody if you email them on Sunday morning/afternoon. You better talk to somebody at the grocery store and pretend that's what you want to do with your life.
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It might be a long shot and I'm just guessing, but try to find a comic book convention or a comic book store. Ask for local authors and just get their feeback and input on how they began. First hand experience is always beneficial.

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