Why won't my shy crush call me back? Shy guys help? I'll help you?

Why won't my shy crush call me back? Shy guys help? I'll help you? Topic: How to write a yearbook message
July 17, 2019 / By Balthasar
Question: I try to make the first moves because he doesn't make ANY first move. Anyway, before school was out, I asked him to hang out with me at an ice cream place with my guy friend and gave him my cell phone number. That night-No text from him and when I asked him the next day he said he couldn't go and apologized. Also, before school ended I asked for his number and he gave it to me and he was staring at me after. So I try texting him from my ipod and I tried it on my cell phone and it worked and I just said Hi how are you and stuff like that. But it was a week and he didn't text me back. So I try texting him from my cell phone four weeks ago asking us to hang out and he hasn't texted me back yet! :( I'm just worried! Does he hate me? Does he not like me anymore? Is he too shy to text me back? I just need help! What doesn't make sense is he WANTS to hang out! He wrote in my yearbook, maybe we can hang out over the summer. Oh and my friend was telling me that she was talking to his friend and he thinks he likes me or is at least interested but doesn't know if I like him back. And this one girl who used to like him is almost positive he likes me because he looked at me and smiled and blushed. Plus a couple of his friends told her... By a couple I mean A LOT of people told her he likes me. She's almost positive. Oh and his friend told me he likes me (I asked him on facebook and they seem pretty close I see them talking a lot) and he wrote in my yearbook that we should hang out over the summer) Lastly, when I was posing for a pic with him, I put my arm around him and he did it with me and then I felt him shaking and sweating and breathing a little hard. Like you know at the disney parks they have those people in costumes of famous movie/tv characters and you can have a picture with them? That's what my crush was like (Like the people in the costumes breathing hard and shaking) except with my crush it was a little less extreme. Oh and when our class took a trip somewhere, he was staring at me. What doesn't make sense is I tried calling the number a couple of days ago (But it was around 8 almost 9 PM) but nothing :/ And I know it was his number. OK I tried calling him again now but it went straight to his voicemail. This time I'm going to wait. Does he still like me? Oh and his friend (the same one I invited us to ice cream with) tried to text him and he got no response yet.
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Originally Answered: Why won't my shy crush call me back? Shy guys help? I'll help you?
she probly felt like...you should have called yourself or talked to her during school cuz its a kick in the face when you have someone else call for you... trust me im older and my friends used to do that all the time... dont be scard of her...

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