Does this story idea sound interesting? Would you read it?

Does this story idea sound interesting? Would you read it? Topic: Ideas for writing a short ghost story
June 17, 2019 / By Bambie
Question: I haven't developed this idea much, partially because I don't know where i'm going with it yet. As i write this question ill probably thinknof details though. I was thinking of my character randomly. I had no intentions of writing it down. Let's call her Jane. She has medium length dark brown hair with natural highlights. Her eyes are pale blue. The kind with the really light blue in the middle and that dark blue ring around the outside? Her skin is pale. She has no freckles or blemishes except for a small scar on her forehead that you couldn't see unless you were really close. I think that's enough for appearance. I'd like to get to the point of my question. Her personality is simple. Shes sassy, sarcastic, and holds grudges very well. Shes not one to forgive easily. Shes very observent but acts like she didnt hear/see anything when someone suspects eavesdropping. So the idea was this girl, Jane, is psychokinetic. Meaning she can move/deform things. (i thought this was telekinetic but i looked it up. Is psychokinesis right?). So Jane goes to the boarding school where people with gifted minds including psychics like people who can see ghosts too. Anything with the mind goes. They are split into years. Eight is the highest and then your out on your own (start when ten, end when 18). The 1st years come in but jane (a six year) sees a new boy wandering around in her halls. He explains that he was brought to learn to control his psychokinesis. When he gets too mentally close to people (family, friends) his ability is out of control and he could physically hurt them. Let's call him Joe. Joe and Jane bond and get to know each other. Basically the book would be about their years in the school and realizing that the professors arent helping, they're trying to start a revolution in America. This will be set sometime in the future but not too far. Questions? 1) i was thinking the title could be Psycho. Yes? Short for psychokinesis. 2) school name? Any ideas? 3)any suggestion
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Xylina Xylina | 2 days ago
I'd read it, yeah, it reminds me of house of night, but it even more reminds me of the summoning and the awakening. (series) Which is about a girl who could see the dead and goes into a school with other weird people(like someone who could control fire, a psychokinetic, a werewolf) to be helped etc. Same idea basically. 1) Hm, it sounds nice, but it should be tied in more, maybe at her old school she was called a psycho? 2) Something for the gifted? xD I'm not good with school names. 3) I dont know, what kind of revolution are they trying to make? Perhaps they fall in love at the end because since they're both psychokinetic when they get close to each other it's okay? i dunno.
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Xylina Originally Answered: Read my story idea and see if it's good enough.?
Awesome The begging is awesome!!!! But you kinda loose me at the "pure blood" (couldn't they get anyones blood?) Also the Indian part seems to be a tad much. What If the town has whic killings (kinda like the salem which trials in modern settings) that would be cool. Also does she ever find her killer? Who is her killer? How does it end? (please edit the questions to answer these question.... I'll be checking back!thanks!) Edit- Thanks! And if you really want her to be the killer I would propose you don't add the Indian part (just personal opinion-- migt confuse the reader or be too much). To make it flow you can make it more with the witches.... Like an evil whitch from the coven (well he was banished from tencoven because of some reason--- you can make that up later... Maybe he murdered or something) who lives in the normal town put a curse on her to make her kill the coven he hates so much (he's an evil dude- maybe he could be like the leader- who, I think, is evil too, if I read it right- and so he knows like all the mayors plans... Could be a cool addition of things from thebpast messing up the present. Maybe he can turn out to inform her and save her in the end... - you could leave the "savior in the end" part out too-) Like my idea? You can use it :)

Shaylyn Shaylyn
definitely sounds like X-Men. I know i saw a movie with a school for people with powers too... Probably nothing i would read, but everyone likes different things. Sounds a little boring to me too, probably should add a little twist in there somewhere or something to liven it up. But, like you said, you don't know where it is going yet.... 1. Psycho sounds ok for the title. If i saw the book on the shelf i would immediately think of crazy people in asylums though... 2. no idea 3. Maybe just start writing and see where it goes
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Patricia Patricia
Sounds cool! Like a spin off of Harry Potter almost... 1) The title seems dark for a school setting.....not sure, maybe "The _____ Chronicles" or something like that? 2) school name: Lanthorpe, Parvawick, Wardineholm, Swintarn, or Fitchkirk (all derived from English roots) ....Hope this helped! Keep writing!
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Margie Margie
Sounds like an Xmen thing. A little bit of Harry Potter also. And the name Jane has already been played by Stephenie Meyer.
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Kitty Kitty
I would read it, it kind of reminds me of the House of Night series. Psycho sounds good, short and sweet. Well not necessarily 'sweet' but you know! School name? I would research that, maybe look up other words and such related to psychokinesis and tie it into the school name. Again, I would read it, let me know when you start writing!
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Kitty Originally Answered: Has anyone read the Sound of Fury?
No one has actually read this book... and it is "The Sound and the Fury" FYI. Narrated by Quentin, the most intelligent and most tortured of the Compson children, the second part is probably the novel's finest example of Faulkner's narrative technique. In this section we see Quentin, a freshman at Harvard University, wander the streets of Cambridge, contemplating death and remembering his family's estrangement from his sister Caddy. Like the first section, the plot is not strictly linear, although the two interweaving storylines of Quentin at Harvard on the one hand and his memories on the other are clearly discernible. Quentin's main focus is on Caddy, whom he loved immeasurably, for which love he felt tremendously guilty. Quentin tells his father that they have committed incest, but his father knows that he is lying ("and he did you try to make her do it and i i was afraid to i was afraid she might and then it wouldn't do any good [sic]"(112)). Quentin's idea of incest is wrapped around the idea that if they "could just have done something so dreadful that they would have fled hell except us" (51) that he could protect his sister by joining her in whatever punishment/hardship/retribution she would be forced to endure. In his mind, he would not feel guilty about Caddy's fate if only he had been able to share it with her. Shortly before Quentin left for Harvard in the fall of 1909, Caddy became pregnant with the child of Dalton Ames who is confronted by Quentin. The two fight, with Quentin losing horribly and Caddy vowing to never speak to Dalton again for Quentin's sake. Pregnant and alone, Caddy then marries Herbert Head, whom Quentin finds repulsive but Caddy is resolute: she must marry before the birth of her child. Herbert however finds out that the child is not his and sends mother and daughter away in shame. Quentin's wanderings through Cambridge, as he cuts class, follow the pattern of his heartbreak over losing Caddy. For instance, he meets a small Italian immigrant girl who speaks no English. He significantly calls her "sister" and spends much of the day trying to communicate with her, to no avail. Ultimately, Quentin kills himself by jumping off a bridge into the Charles River after loading his jacket with flat-irons. While many first-time readers report Benjy's section as being difficult to understand, these same readers often find Quentin's section to be near impossible. Not only do chronological events mesh together regularly, but often times (especially at the end) Faulkner completely disregards any semblance of grammar, spelling, or punctuation, instead writing in a rambling series of words, phrases, and sentences that have no separation to indicate where one thought ends and another begins. This confusion is due to Quentin's severe depression and deteriorating state of mind. The section is therefore ironic in that Quentin is an even more unreliable narrator than his retarded brother Benjy was. Because of the staggering complexity of this section, it is often the one most extensively studied by scholars of the novel.

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