MLA in paper citation?

MLA in paper citation? Topic: academic bibliography
June 17, 2019 / By Barney
Question: I have the MLA citation for the bibliography but how would I cite this IN my paper? Works Cited Gregory D. Schwab, et al. "EFFECTS OF LISTENING TO HEAVY METAL MUSIC ON COLLEGE WOMEN: A PILOT STUDY." College Student Journal 42.1 (2008): 24-35. Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. Web. 13 Apr. 2011 Please help!! Thanks!
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Yieshah Yieshah | 6 days ago
You need to put his last name first in the works cited, ie- Schwab, Gregory D. In the paper: "Quote from source you've put in your paper" (Schwab)
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You are not supposed to go find a different source, unless you don't trust the original source you had. There is provision in MLA for citing an “indirect source” using "qtd. in" because it happens quite often. Which means you only need use the source which had the Kennedy speech. Example: ….. Kenney quotes Aeschylus when he says “….what he said…” (qtd. in Author 13)…..
Yieshah Originally Answered: MLA In-Text Citation?
In In-textual content cloth citations, you may not abbreviate the call of any article, any portion of the article, or paraphrase. Sorry to be the only to enable you to comprehend this, yet as having written a number of MLA formatted papers, i comprehend that there is not any way attainable which you would be able to abbreviate the call of any article.

Sheelagh Sheelagh
You have to put the author's last name and page number at the end of a sentence that you use the information in like blah blah (Schwab 28).
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